CrowdEveryone is always wondering how to get more Facebook Fans. We all want stark-raving fans who will share our content and participate on our pages.  I happen to love all my fans because they can be a little crazy.  Just like I like ’em.

Here are five great suggestions that will help you increase your Fan interaction and make your page more viral.

1.  E-mail your page to your current list of clients.  Start with the people who already know you and love you!  I’m surprised at how many businesses forget this step.

2. From there, make sure your Fan Page information is everywhere – your website, your e-mail signature, your business card, posted in your store. Don’t be shy!  Let people know that they will get Fan Page-only exclusive information from you!

3. Tag Fans in your Status update or tag other fan pages (use sparingly – don’t be spammy). When you tag someone, you show up on their wall and their friends can see you have tagged them. To tag someone, you will have to be a personal friend of theirs, so it limits who you can tag. But you can tag other Fan pages if you are a personal fan. You tag someone by starting out with the @ symbol and then typing their name or fan page name.

4. Ask questions. Rather than post a statement, post more questions to get involvement and interaction. Make sure you participate in the ongoing conversation. Be friendly.

5. Encourage Fans to post pictures. Have them post a picture of them at your store or using your product, etc. When they post a picture, their friends will see your fan page and some of their friends will become your fans. Tell them no xeroxed copies of their tush.

And my last bonus suggestion – participate daily!  It doesn’t take too much time!  The more you participate, the more people see you and get to know you.  Be regular.  I don’t mean eat-your-fiber regular, I’m talking posting something new each day or twice a day.  Whatever you are comfortable with.  Hope that helps and say hello on my Fan page: