Facebook frienship pagesHave you taken a look at the new Facebook Friendship Pages yet?  They are kind of fun except when they are a privacy concern.

They really don’t show anything you can’t see with Facebook to begin with.  You can look at the history of your wall posts, events, pictures between you and a Facebook friend.  That’s kinda fun.

But then you can see the relationship between to of your other Facebook friends (again you do have to be friends with both of them to see this information).  But that allows you to start stalking them a little.  Are they better friends?  Who are their mutual friends?  What parties did they attend together that you didn’t even get an invite to?  This could get ugly!

Take a look at my video and see how you access Friendship Pages and what you can see.  What do you think?  Good or bad? Is this a privacy concern?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

You can’t opt out of the the Friendship Pages but you can make sure that you are only showing your information to Friends Only – check your Privacy Settings under the Account button in the upper right corner.