I know these Facebook changes have thrown people off. I personally have had to up my meds since Facebook went with the Live Feed and the News Feed.

In this tutorial I show you how to change your Facebook page so you are seeing just Status Updates. It just makes it a lot easier. Because with the News Feed, you are just seeing what Facebook thinks is “popular” or what they think you will be interested in. So you are missing things. Then in the Live Feed you are seeing everything – who’s friending who, what groups people are joining and a whole bunch of junk you don’t need to see. To simplify things, drag the Status Updates to the top of your side lists – but there’s a little trick that I reveal in the tutorial that you have to do first!

The only issue with changing to your Status Updates is that you won’t see when someone posts a link. But it’s going to be a little cleaner than looking through the Live Feed. It’s frustrating, I know – if I start thinking about it too much, I need more meds.

Now the other thing I go over in the tutorial is how you can set your wall privacy settings so everyone is not seeing who you are friending. It just makes everything nicer. Hopefully Facebook won’t change again before you get a chance to finish this tutorial!