I’m currently attending the Facebook Success Summit and it’s been fantastic so far. I want to pass along some of the fabulous nuggets of wisdom shared during these online sessions.

The first session was given by the amazing Mari Smith talking about How to Create a Compelling Facebook Presence that Generates Profits.  Who doesn’t want profits?  She had some great points and outlined all the strategies we need:

  1. Design Strategy
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Promotional Strategy
  4. Engagement Strategy
  5. Conversion Strategy
  6. Scalability Strategy

Whew, that’s a lot of strategy!  But all important stuff.   I liked the idea that you need to have a conversion strategy – are your Fans actually buying anything??  She emphasized that when you were providing value, only then you could start mixing in your sales message.  Don’t forget the value!

She also mentioned that in one test, having a Welcome page on your Fan page had a 47% conversion rate vs. 23% conversion rate for people that were just sent to the Wall.  The message loud and clear is get a Welcome Tab, people!  They aren’t expensive if you can’t do it yourself.  Some examples she gave of good Fan Pages were Gary V, Gap and Make Use Of

She had a whole list of fantastic Facebook Apps including

  • Networked Blogs, one of my Favs, for pulling in your blog posts automatically
  • Payvment, another Fav of mine but also Ecwid for creating storefronts on Facebook
  • Cooliris for pulling in Flickr photos
  • Slideshare for sharing PowerPoint presentations
  • Wildfire for promotions and contests

Another hot tip was to post to your Fan Page during a high traffic window when you are going to get a lot of comments.  The more comments you get, the higher you appear in the News Feed and more viral your posting is.  She found that between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.  Pacific time worked well for her, but you might find different times.  Be consistent so people know when to expect a post from you.

Now she had lots of other hot tips and tricks but if I told you, I’d have to kill you.  No, I’ll keep these tips and tricks coming, it’s just time for my nap.  Watch the Twitter Stream #FBSS10 to follow along with some of these fantastic sessions.