Welcome Pages can really spruce up your Facebook Page and offer potential “Likers” a better first impression than just going to your Wall. What the heck is a Welcome Page anyway? It is the Default Landing Tab that you set for all the “non-likers” who come to your page. If someone Likes your page already, they will go to the wall. You can change the Default Landing Tab by going to the Manage Permissions area in the Edit Page shown below. My personal Welcome Page was created with the Static FBML application.

UPDATE:  Static FBML is obsolete, and now you need to be using iFrames.  Take a look at my post over at Social Media Examiner to see the Top 10 Facebook Apps for Building Custom Pages & Tabs or take a look at my post on How to Use Wildfire iFrames.  And also take a look at my newest post:  10 More Fantastic Examples of Facebook Welcome Pages which show all iFrame apps.

Default Landing Tab

Having a Welcome Page gives you the chance to tell your potential community something or bring them into your Page in a more powerful way. If you send them to your Wall, it’s like inviting someone into your cluttered living room and saying make yourself at home when there is dirty laundry on every chair. You never know what they might see – you could have some spammer’s message on your page which would not be attractive.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know that I’m all about showcasing small- to medium-sized business examples. Those big businesses with their big fancy-schmancy marketing budgets can make all kinds of Welcome Pages. But just because you don’t have a big budget, doesn’t mean you can’t make a nice looking Welcome Page.  Here are Four Fantastic Welcome Pages.

1.  Character Clubs Has a prominent call to action, a very nice video to tell you what Character Clubs is all about and links to other places to connect.  A Welcome Page like this does not cost an arm and a leg to create.

Character Clubs

2.  The Log Connection This is a great example of “Fan-only” content.  If you click the Like button, another image is revealed to you with a special offer.  And who doesn’t need a log home?

Log Connection

3.  High Country Gardens  Nice simple Welcome Page that tells you something about them and then gives you the chance to opt in to their newsletter.  Which, if you are a gardener, you will probably do.  And then you can plant a nice garden outside your log home.

High Country Garden

4.  Realtor.com A little bit bigger business but I thought this was a great example that anyone could do.  They have changed their Welcome Tab to the Contest that they are currently running.  This gives bigger visibility to their contest and people love to win stuff!


Hope those examples give you some good ideas.  It doesn’t have to be too hard to make a good first impression.  And clean up that living room!

If you have a good example of a fantastic Welcome Page, I’d love to see it – let me know in the comments!