Facebook has a handy notification feature for your personal profile but currently, there is no way to get notified when someone posts something on your business Page.  That burns my bunions.  You want to know when someone is responding to your post or posting something directly on your wall so you don’t have to keep checking back all day long.

Here are four ways you can get a notification so you don’t miss anything.

page-notifier1.  Page Notifier – a free Facebook application that sends you an e-mail when people respond to your Facebook wall post or post something directly on your wall.  It’s free when you choose the once a day scan which may not be enough for you.  You may want an update sooner than that in which case you can upgrade to the paid version.

I like it because it shows comments from older wall posts that you may not scroll down to see.  Someone might comment on something from 3 days ago and you don’t notice it.  You will get an e-mail notifying you of that.

fan-page-notifier2.  Fan Page Notifier.  This is a free application that will notify you when anyone posts directly on the wall of your Page.  But you won’t get notified if they comment on a post you put on your wall.

The nice thing about this application is that the free version notifies you of posts as they happen.

3.  Like your post.  This is a handy trick you can use.  When you post something as your Page, just click the Like.  If someone responds to your wall post, you will get the Facebook notification to your personal Facebook account.  So you can use this trick in tandem with option #2 to have all your bases covered.

4.  Google Alerts.  You can use this to alert you of wall posts as well.  You can sign up for a Google alert with the URL of your page and the term “ago” to show you any new wall postings.  Select “as they happen” to get an immediate alert.  Watch the video for more explanation.

Hope that helps, come say hello on my Facebook Page www.Facebook.com/GrandmaMaryShow and I will be alerted 🙂