Frustrated with keeping up with all the changes on Facebook?  Have you heard about the new changes in Facebook’s Organic Reach for Pages? If you want to know what you should do about it in the coming year, tune in to this free webinar!  We’ll also cover:

*  How to get more reach on your posts
* What to do about Facebook’s announcement about decreased Organic Reach
*  What type of posts are best and how to find the best content to post
*  4 cool tools to help you do your job better, faster, and more efficiently
*  What’s working with Facebook Ads and how to get cheaper clicks
*  What to expect from Facebook in the upcoming year so you can get ahead of the curve

This is a free webinar and it’s going to be pitch-free.  A lot of free webinars (mine included) talk about a product at the end.  This one is is my gift to you. It will be recorded but you have to sign up to get access to the recording!  Hope to see you there!

Space is limited so get there early! Even Grandma Mary is getting in the spirit for this webinar (although she’s still cranky about Organic Reach).