Grandma Mary London Twitter Street Walking

I have met all kinds of crazy people as I’ve traveled all over the world doing my Twitter Street Walking interviews.  And London was no exception.

I hung out for an afternoon at the lovely St. Paul’s Cathedral finding out who was tweeting and what they were tweeting about.  I did not find a lot of people actually on Twitter.  But I did chat with a lot of very nice people from all over the world.  It’s always good to get out and be a little social.  Even if it’s not on Twitter.

Thanks so much to Sarah Arrow of Birds on the Blog for filming! Love ya!

I also got the chance to meet a bunch of wonderful people at the workshop I did with Amy Harrison on “How to Use Social Media and Copywriting to Get More Clicks, Likes, Sales”.  That was a hoot and we had a great review of the workshop from Liz Azyan on this post:  10 Essential Social Media and Copywriting Best Practices To Grow Your Business Online (Without Sounding Salesy!)

London Workshop with Grandma Mary