This is a pressing question that has many answers!  Which is frustrating and confusing.  Are you going from Facebook to Twitter or from Twitter to Facebook?  There are different options!

I wanted to come out with the definitive guide on what you can do and what you can’t do to connect Facebook and Twitter.

Updating From Twitter to a Facebook

Within Facebook, you can add the application Selective Tweet Status You can go to the link directly or you can search for it in the Search box by entering Selective Tweets.  This can be added to your Facebook user account or your Fan Page.  It’s easy to configure and all you do is when you tweet, you just add an #fb at the end of the tweet and it will update your status.

There is another Twitter application but it sends every tweet to Facebook, which is just annoying.  So don’t do it.

Updating from Facebook to Twitter

Conversely, you may want to send your Facebook user updates out to Twitter from Facebook.  Well, I have bad news.  It can’t be done.  There used to be a way to find the RSS Feed of your Status Updates and feed that into Twitter but I’ve searched high and low and Facebook seems to have hidden it.  So to my knowledge, there is no way to send your personal user Status Updates out to Twitter automatically from Facebook.

What you can do is send your Fan Page status updates from Facebook out to Twitter. And you do that by going to  Then you just link your Fan page to your Twitter account.  You can turn it off again by going to the same URL and click Unlink.

Updating Facebook and Twitter through a Twitter client

Using a Twitter client opens up a world of possibilities to update multiple social networks at one time.  My personal favorite is Hootsuite but you can also use Tweetdeck.  All you do is add the Social Networks you’d like to update and check off where you want to send your post. and Posterous are other posting sites where you can post to multiple social networking sites at once.

Hope that clears up some confusion.  Watch my video to find out more!