You may have entered information in your Facebook Profile about your place of employment and you may have noticed that you get some weird page with a suitcase that gets automatically created.

That’s called a “Community Page“.  I don’t know why Facebook automatically creates these owner-less, information-deprived pages that no one can post on, but they do.  The worst part is that people can “Like” those Community Pages and think that they are Liking your Page but they aren’t.  Man that burns my bunions!

So it’s time to add something useful in that Employer field.  Add your Facebook Page as your employer so that people can see your beautiful Business Page and Like it!

It  used to be much harder to change this field but now all you need to do is to take the following easy-peasy steps:

1.  Click on Profile at the top right corner.

2.  Click the Edit Profile box.

3.  Select Education and Work.

4.  Delete the offending Community Page by clicking the x on the far right next to the page.

5.  Add your Facebook Page by starting to type the Facebook Page name in the “Where have you worked?” box and select it when it shows up.

6.  Add your position and other details if you would like and then click the Add Job box.  Done!

Watch my handy (and fun!) video tutorial if you are more of a visual (and fun!) person.