Are you wondering how some people and Pages are Top News and some aren’t?  Well if your Page isn’t Top News, it’s no news.  Because the Most Recent news feed is crammed with information and if your post isn’t showing up in the Top News, it might be missed!

But how does you get there?  Well it’s a super secret algorithm called EdgeRank, pictured here.  Ok, maybe it’s not so secret.  Clear as mud right?



What this means is there are 3 key elements to helping you get into the Top News:

  1. Previous Interaction.  How much people have interacted with your posts in the past?  The more people comment or Like your updates, pictures, links, the better.  So get that engagement going.
  2. Number of Interactions. If your update is getting a lot of comments and likes, it’s more likely to be Top News.
  3. Age. Old news is no news.  Post often!

So that’s it, easy peasy.  The take away here is be interesting, get Liked and post often.  Watch my video for added fun 🙂