Are you worried about sending out business information on Facebook to your old high school friends? Maybe your aunt in Boise doesn’t need to know that you are hosting a great training session in San Francisco. Here is a handy tip on how you can only send your business updates to your business friends on Facebook.

You are going to have to use the Facebook Friends lists that I showed you how to create in my earlier post.  Then when you go to post your update, click on the little lock right below the post area.  It says Privacy if you mouse over it.  If you click on it, you can then select Customize.

From there you can make your post visible to specific people and type in the name of your Friends List that you want to see that post.  Then you are spamming people with business related things who don’t want to see that.  Those people only want to play Farmville so quit bothering them!  Watch my video to get more information on how you can customize your Facebook Updates.  And leave a comment while you are at it – it’s been quiet around here!