How to Easily Add a Facebook Admin to Your Page

Are you having trouble adding an Admin to your Facebook Page?  Even though you may be going about it the correct way, Facebook can be kind of flaky and not work correctly.  (Shocking, I know)

**Update – this post has been updated to reflect the new Page Timeline

The standard way of adding an Admin is to go to Settings at the top of your Page, then select Page Roles on the left sidebar.


Facebook Page Roles

Once you are there, you can add the e-mail address of the person you want to add as an Admin and select their level of access to your Page.  The e-mail address must be the e-mail address that they use to log in to Facebook.    Make sure you are giving them the appropriate level of access to your Page and that you trust this person!

But sometimes the Admin does not get saved in the Roles area no matter what you do!  So now it’s time to troubleshoot and do things the easy way.  The easiest way to make someone an admin is to have the be the most recent person who Likes your Page and then add them as an Admin from there.


See who Likes your Page


Then once you See All, you can select the Wheel next to their name and select Make Admin.

Facebook Make Admin


The quickest and easiest way to add an Admin to your Facebook Page if you are having trouble is to have them unlike your Page and re-Like it so that their name is not at the top of your most recent Likes.  Then click See All next to your New Likes and then click Make Admin next to their name.

If the Admin Roles area says Pending next to their name then have them check while they are logged in to Facebook and look under the Invites section.  Invites to become an Admin sometimes show up there.

Pending invites


Watch the video to see all the steps in action.


Then, I highly recommend you have at least one personal profile as an Admin of your Facebook Page, rather than a Business-only Page.  If you don’t, your Business-only Page will have some limitations including:

  • No Search bar at the top of the Facebook Page.  You will not be able to search for and navigate to other Pages when you are logged into this account.
  • No way to Like other Pages as your Page.  If you have a Business only account, you can’t Like another Page to show your support for that Page or connect with that Page.
  • No Page Home Feed.  Since you can’t Like other Pages as your Page, you won’t get updates as your Page through your own Page News Feed.
  • You may have to provide a separate cell number to verify this account.  This feature is different and not consistent but many people who have created a Page this way report that they need a separate cell number that is different from their personal profile account to verify this Business Only Page.  Not everyone has 2 different cell phone numbers.
  • No ability to use the Invite Friends feature on the Admin Panel.  Obviously if you are intent on keeping your Facebook profiles separate then this may not be a feature you are interested in but I think it’s an easy way to connect some of your personal friends to your Page.

I don’t think there is any need to create a Business-only Page.  The Page and the Profile are very separate on a Page that is attached to a personal profile.  No one can see who owns the Page and the limitations of the Business Only Page are significant.

If you have created a Business-only Page and want to rectify the situation, all you need to do is to add a personal profile as an admin and you will have all the functionality of a regular Page.

UPDATE:  There have been a lot of reports of people having trouble adding Admins to a Facebook Page. You may get a message saying the Admin must be a friend or must Like the Page.

The issue may be that their Likes are set to Friends instead of Public on their Personal Profile. Here’s how you fix it!

Adding a Facebook Admin - Troubleshooting

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