How to Promote Affiliate Products on your Facebook Page

This question came in from a loyal reader and I thought I’d make it into a tutorial.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with affiliate marketing, in a nutcake, it’s basically promoting someone else’s product with your own special link that will track if you get a sale.  If you do, you will get a commission on the sale.  This can be a great way to make a little (or a lot) of pocket change.

But be CAREFUL!  There are a couple of considerations when you decide to promote affiliate products.  Number one, don’t promote crap!  Make sure it’s a good product that fits your audience.  Your Facebook Page is not an ATM.  If you oversell your audience, they will leave.  You have worked hard to build up your Facebook audience and you want to be providing value first and foremost.  So when you find something good that you believe in and will help them, then you can share it with your community.

The other consideration is the FTC guidelines that came out in 2009.  They do require that you disclose when you are receiving a commission on a product you are promoting.  You can read all the gory details here:  FTC Affiliate Guidelines.  These guidelines mostly came from the spammy promotions and false claims that people were making to sell stuff.  But they affect how you should post.  Basically you need to disclose that you will get a commission if people purchase the product.  Watch the video for to see the language I use and how to ensure the trust of your community.

Where do you find good Affiliate programs?  Here is a partial list.  The example in my video shows how to post links on your Page with an E-junkie product.

  • Amazon.  You can get a commission on anything sold on Amazon.
  • Clickbank.  One of the top affiliate marketing networks out there.
  • E-junkie.  Mostly e-book products but also much more.
  • Share A Sale.  A wide variety of products and they have banners and logos you can insert into your website sidebars.
  • Commission Junction.  Similar to Share A Sale.

Watch the video for all the ins and outs of promoting affiliate products on Facebook. If you have a question about affiliate marketing, let me know in the comments!

Grandma Mary

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  • Fernald George

    hi grandma
    you gave a beautiful knoledge about facebook…………….
    and also you can check the ten commandments of facebook
    this is my blog

  • Fernald George

    hi grandma
    you gave a beautiful knoledge about facebook…………….
    and also you can check the ten commandments of facebook
    this is my blog

  • Steve

    Thank you. Very helpfull

  • Thank you for the good information. You are right about not flooding your Facebook friends with sales pitches. They really just rather know about your plans instead of what you sell.

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  • Tirumal

    How good is to promote affiliate links?

  • I Have Two Facebook Pages, One With 6,688 Friends (Personal Page/Younger Croud)
    And A Fan Page With 2,537 Members And Rapidly Growing. I Have Other Accounts Including Twitter,but These two I Just mentioned Are My Most Popular.
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  • Nicholl

    Too funny! Enjoyed and very good info. for newbies. Great suggestions too!

  • I wanted to share the conscious affiliate program with my readers, but the links are broken. FYI.

  • Hmm – I was able to get to it. Here’s the link again just in case:

  • Tanvir Emon

    I am searching for these type of affiliate marketing article.Because I want to do affiliate marketing.I agree that it is hard to grow your social media following, but I have had much success using in the past.

  • Sammy

    Thanx Mary.. you’ve been a great help…

  • Star Milan

    can i use this idea on commission junction,ShareAsale, and Plimus?

  • Heri

    Good post and good video, It’s worth trying. I have tried to promote amazon product about book on my blog But till now I got nothing yet. I must be patient.

  • Andrea. Thanks for your article, to promote products on Facebook, Twitter and Google shopping, you can also use pimwi.

  • jpremond

    Grandma which is the program you use to post directly to Fb , Twitter, etc ?

  • mo danger start making $240 a day/activating an account is free!

  • Love it granny Mary! 🙂

  • S. Warren

    Do I have to have a blog or website to direct people too from FB? Is it possible to use FB as my affiliate address? So when people click on the link it goes directly to that product? Thanks.

  • Sahriya Tashnim

    I receive my commission money from Commission Junction and Amazon on the Payoneer card, just a lot more convenient than checks that would go missing every now and then and takes forever to clear. The fees are comparable to a normal bank processing fees, not that much higher really. Worth it for its convenience.

  • prem

    is there any idea about tumblr

    how to promote affiliate there direct link come in spam
    if any buddy have greater idea plzz say

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  • Olga Bulkina

    Thank you for useful advise, I really need try to do this. Now I promote travel insurance on my travel website, as a Globelink Affiliate. And have small success in it. Probably, facebook promotion help me to increase my income.

  • D4 demon

    i am unable to post my clickbank affiliate link in my posts , is it banned , coz i have tried different links but same result for all, will they be acceptable on facebook ad campaigns?

  • Lacey Riley

    Thats exactly what I am doing now

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  • Debbie Navarro

    Hi Grandma Mary , can i use the banner images provided by the merchant or im required to use my won image?

  • Patricia LaCroix

    Spend huge money, not easy to die? lol! Opps! Almost missed “Let’s contact me!!!” lol! Hilarious.

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  • These are very good tips that I will use, Thank you ma’am

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