targetFacebook advertising provides one of the most targeted opportunities on the internet to find new customers and connections.  You can specify who will see the ad by age, sex, marital status, city and more.  It’s fantastic!

I particularly like creating an ad for your Fan Page because you know everyone who clicks on your ad enjoys Facebook.  With the precise targeting, you know anyone who clicks on your ad is your perfect demographic.  Plus people can “Like” you right from the ad, they don’t have to even go to your Fan Page.  How handy.

Here are 4 great tips to help you create an ad that will convert like botox in LA.


  1. My biggest tip is to have a clear call to action in the ad.  Give them a compelling sentence that says what you are all about and then tell them to click Like.   You will a better click-thru ratio and Facebook rewards that by lowering your cost per click.  It’s win-win!
  2. Run some smaller test ads to see which one converts better.  Even after 10-20 clicks you will get a sense as to what copy might be performing better.  Then run the best performer with a bigger budget.
  3. Take a look at your current Fan page demographics to see where you should target the ad.  Who loves you already?  You may find more fans by sticking with your current demographic.
  4. Rotate your ad frequently.   If you are going to run a longer campaign, don’t be boring!  Change it every few days if not daily.  Spice it up with some different copy so people don’t feel that they have already seen the ad over and over.

Just give it a go, it doesn’t cost an arm an a leg.  Facebook also has a nice Help section for their Facebook ads here:

Watch my tutorial on Facebook Ads for more tips and tricks!  Let me know what your experience has been with running a Facebook Ad.