Are you building an Empire on Branch Out and you don’t know why?  Branch Out is a Facebook Application that you may have signed up for or gotten invited to without knowing what the heck it is.  That happens on Facebook sometimes.

Branch Out is basically LinkedIn for Facebook.  You have a profile with your job history, you have endorsements, and you can do job searches.  But is it worthwhile?  I think it’s great for job searches but there is no need to build an empire unless you are looking for a job.  Take a look at the video tutorial on how you can best use it for job searches.

PS.  If you want to opt out of some of their annoying e-mail messages, go into the Application (you can also get their by accessing it on your Facebook Home Page in the left column).  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on E-mail settings.  Then uncheck some of those boxes!


PPS.  If you want to delete the application all together from your profile, go to Account, Privacy Settings, then Edit Your Settings on the lower left under Apps and Websites and then Remove App after you click the Branch Out application.