Woooweee Facebook has rolled out some big changes to the Pages!  We knew it was coming when the gave us a sneak peak into the new look back in December.  No more tabs, new notifications for comments and Likes, logging in as your Page, new photos at the top – yikes!  Here’s everything that has changed in a nutshell.

  • Logging in as the Page.  Now you can comment on other Pages as your Page and Like other Pages as your Page.  That is fantastic!  You used to have to tag them to show up, but now we can talk as our business pages.  But only on Pages that we like as our Business Page, not on personal profiles.  Take a look below at how I posted on my co-author, Phyllis Khare’s Socially Congruent page (and go Like her too!)
  • New Notifications.  When you are logged in as your Page you will see notifications when someone comments on your post or likes your Page.
  • Photos at the top.  You can delete these or get creative with them.
  • New Navigation.  To get to the Page dashboard the Edit Page button is in the upper right.
  • News Feed for your Page Likes.  Click on Home and you will see the News Feed for all the Pages you Like as your Page.  (This is getting circular)
  • No Tabs, side bar menu. Tabs are gone but available as links on the side.  So far it looks like the Default Landing tab is still an option.

And there’s lots more little nuances.  Watch the video to see all the changes!  Now it’s time to take my meds.