Still questions on why people should create a Facebook Fan Page for your business. I break it down for you in this video tutorial. It’s a smart thing to do. Here are some key points to consider:

1. Fan Pages are indexed in the search engines. People who aren’t using Facebook can still see Facebook Fan pages. You are leveraging off of Facebook’s fantastic #2 page rank.
2. You could brand yourself as your name and just go with your User Name – which might not be a bad thing for authors or speakers – but you are limited to 5000 friends – and you are going to be big baby! Fan Pages don’t have a limit.
3. It’s technically against the terms of Facebook to have a User Name be a business name (who really reads the fine print?). So if you want to have your business name branded, you need to go with a Fan Page or Group.
4. Facebook Fan Pages post on people’s wall and have more viral capabilities.

You know, I saw an interesting thing this weekend. I went to a movie and Honda had a huge long ad. Musta been expensive. And at the end of it, instead of showing their url, they showed their Facebook Fan Page url. It’s a nice page and you might want to check it out If you’ll notice they put a custom landing tab for new visitors to their Fan Page (rather than just seeing the normal Wall).

The fact that Honda spent a lot of money to send people to their Fan Page is significant. They realized that Facebook is where people are talking. It’s much more interactive than a boring old web page. Customers are adding to the conversation. So get out there, make a Fan Page, and chat with your customers! And watch my video.