You may have a problem with your Facebook Like Box not showing up on your website.  There are a couple of issues with why this may be happening and one of them is very sneaky.  The issue lies with the Country Restrictions.

If you have Country Restrictions set on who can like your Page (and let’s be more open, people!) then your Like Box will not show up if a Facebook user in not logged into their account.  How does the Like box know where they are from and whether or not they are allowed to Like you if the user is not logged in?

Not only that, these country restrictions will also mess with the Facebook buttons you may have put on your sidebar or if someone is trying to navigate to your page using your Vanity URL.  So if someone is not logged into Facebook and they click on the little Facebook button on the sidebar of your page or try and type your custom URL into their browser, they will not get to your Page.  They will just get to the Facebook login page.  Don’t ask me why that gets messed up too, but it does.

The other issue with your Like Box not showing up may be just because someone is logged in as a Fan Page. There’s nothing you can do about that.  You do have to be logged in as your personal profile to get some of these Facebook widgets to work such as the Like Box and Like Button.  Watch the video to see the tutorial on what the problem looks like and how to fix it.