Jon Loomer
Do you know Jon Loomer?  No?  Well you better get connected with him if you are interested in learning more about Facebook Advertising, ROI, and advanced Facebook marketing tactics.  Go like Jon Loomer Digital on Facebook right now.  I’ll wait.


Now that we have that settled, I had the privilege of interviewing Jon and we had a grand time.  We talked about Facebook Ads, the Facebook Power Editor, and the new Facebook Hashtags.  Find out why Jon is a Hashtag snob in the video interview (someday I’m going to wait long enough so Google Hangouts on Air doesn’t cut off my intro – sorry about that)


Jon has some marvelous tips in his epic post on the Facebook Power Editor.

He also suggests not using too many hashtags in your Facebook posts and adding them at the end of the post, just a line below the other text so that it’s readable.  Love it!   Make sure you read all of Jon’s tips about Facebook hashtags and some of the problems with Facebook hashtags

Finally, check out Jon’s coaching packages – good stuff!  And don’t forget to add the #jonloomer hashtag to all future Facebook posts.