9 Examples of Great LinkedIn Profiles

Is it time you revamped your LinkedIn Profile?  Things change quickly and having your most current information on your profile is absolutely a good idea.  But maybe it’s time to take it a step further and amp your LinkedIn profile up to bring more business to you.

Here are 9 examples (in no particular order) of great LinkedIn profiles to inspire change.  I’ve highlighted a few things about why I like each one. Spoiler alert, I like the Summary sections the most.

#1 Viveka von Rosen

viveka von rosen linkedin


Ok I’m practically cheating with this one because Viveka spends a LOT of time on LinkedIn since it’s her business.  But it makes sense to highlight her rock star profile.

What I like best is her Summary Section where she talks about why you should hire her and what’s in it for you. I also like that she mentions her eBook right at the top – although you can’t hyperlink in the Summary section, that can still bring in leads.

viveka linkedin summary section


I also like that she thinks about different ways to add to her Experience section, listing that she is the moderator of #LinkedInChat.  Your experience is not just your “job”.

Viveka LinkedIn Experience Section


There are just too many things that Viveka does right on her profile including her section at the bottom on how to contact her.

You should definitely visit Viveka’s profile just to marvel at the sheer length of it. She gets a lot in there!

#2 Laura Stack

laura stack linkedin


Laura is the Productivity Pro and a keynote speaker.  What I love about her Summary section is that she shows how she is different and and helps you decide if she is right for your group.

laura stack linkedin summary section


Then what she does in her Experience section is to tell you who she works with.

Laura Stack Experience section


#3 Lee Odden

lee odden linkedin


Lee is an excellent content marketer.  You can see that from his profile with all the great content in the summary section and through the LinkedIn Publisher.

He publishes regularly on Linkedin and has over 35,000 followers.

Lee Odden Posts Section

He has also used the media attachments well.

Lee Odden Summary Section


#4 Pam Didner

pam didner linkedin


What I really like about Pam’s profile is her summary section.  She has her value statement in capital letters right at the top.  She also talks about what makes her unique which I think helps people understand why they should work with you.

And I also like the cover image of her book and a cup of coffee.  Very inviting.

Pam Didner LinkedIn Summary Section


#5 Liz Ryan

liz ryan linkedin


Liz is an HR and workplace specialist.  What I love about her profile is that she has incorporated her own drawings into the Published articles and her cover image making her profile very colorful and unique.

liz ryan summary section

She also has a great no-nonsense attitude that you can see in the videos on her summary section.


#6 John Sileo

John Sileo LinkedIn


John Sileo is a keynote speaker who talks about identity theft (and has an amazing story about what happened to him).  I like that his Professional Headline also includes where he’s been featured.

You are limited to 120 characters in the Professional Headline so use them wisely.

John’s summary section also features a lot of videos which is good for speakers.

john sileo linkedin summary


#7 Mari Smith

mari smith linkedin


Mari, like me, talks mainly about Facebook Marketing and her LinkedIn profile is also fantastic.  What I like about her summary section is her “headers” in all caps of each section which makes it very readable.  I also like her office tour that shows where she works and her home – very personal.

mari linkedin summary section


#8 Stephanie Sammons

stephanie sammons linkedin


Stephanie Sammons is the author of Linked to Influence and a marketing coach.  What I like about her profile is the Honors and Awards section which helps highlight her expertise and we often forget to add some of these types of mentions in the media.

Stephanie Sammons LinkedIn honors


#9 Liz Azyan

liz azyan linkedin


Liz is a digital marketer and a long-time member of my Social Media Manager School (co-founded with Phyllis Khare).  What I love about Liz’s profile especially is her Summary section.  She breaks her services down very clearly so that it’s easy to know if you should work with her.

Liz Azyan LinkedIn Summary Section


And she does a great job with her media in her summary section and in her Experience section – yes, you can add media to positions too!

liz azyan linkedin experience section


Some quick notes about the Summary section since it’s so critical:

  • You are limited to 2000 characters
  • If you add links into it, they won’t be hot-linked but someone can easily copy them to put them into a browser
  • You can’t add a bulleted list but you can make your points stand out with special characters

Each Position Description can also have 2000 characters so add more information there!

So I hope that gives you a great place to jump off from and dive right into the re-vamp of your LinkedIn profile!  Let me know in the comments below what you you like to see in a LinkedIn profile!


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