You are on LinkedIn, you have your LinkedIn profile looking good, you are participating in some LinkedIn groups, but now you are wondering if you should create a LinkedIn Company Page.  I’ll give you the short answer:  Yes.  If you want to know more about how and why you should create a LinkedIn Company Page, then read on.

First of all, let’s get into why you should create a LinkedIn Company Page:

  1. Good Google juice.  LinkedIn ranks very well on Google and when you have your keywords for your company on LinkedIn, you will dominate the searches.
  2. LinkedIn followers.  People can follow your company page on LinkedIn and get your company status updates in their LinkedIn feed.
  3. Showcase your products.  The LinkedIn products area is a great place to highlight what you do and what you offer.  But think outside the box on this one!  See the LinkedIn Company Page examples below to get some ideas on how you can highlight different things in this space.
  4. Get Product recommendations.  People can recommend your products on LinkedIn and contribute to the social proof.  You may have to reach out and ask some of your previous clients to get these recommendations.
  5. It’s easy peasy!  It doesn’t take long to set up and maintain.

How to set up your Company Page

To get started, just go to  Or just click on the Companies menu link.

Add your Company Name and your company e-mail address.  You will need to have an official company e-mail address (no gmail here, people!) to get started.

Once your Company Page is created, you can always go into the Page and Edit it.


Now add your Company Information, your LinkedIn Header Image (626 pixels x 220 pixels), your Company Description (make it keyword-rich!), and add Company Specialties.  You can add as many Company Specialties as you like as long as you don’t exceed 256 characters.  Note that you can also add Admins to your Company Page so that multiple people can edit the information and multiple people can post as the Company.


Add LinkedIn Products

I love this part of the LinkedIn Company Page.  Even if you don’t have a true physical “product” you can get creative.  Add an event, your services, e-books, and even a free report. To add a new product, just click Edit, then Add product or service to get started.


Then you’ll see the area where you can add your product.  You can add a YouTube video to your Product Page if you have one.   Click Publish when you are done adding all the product details.


And then request some Recommendations for your products for that good social proof.



Ok, now your Company Page is looking spiffy.  You can start sending out the Link to your Company Page and asking people to follow you.  Or you can add a badge to your website with your company Page.

To find your official company page link, just click the Home button on your Company Page and look at the first part of the URL (minus any navigation tracking that might have a ? symbol with some characters after it).  For example, my Company Page is (it has an extra dash because I put a period at the end).

Update your Company Status

Now that you have followers, you may want to update your Company status so you are popping into their LinkedIn News feed from time to time.  OH GOOD LORD I DON”T HAVE TIME FOR THAT!  Is that what you were saying?  Or was it something worse?

Well never fear, if you are using Hootsuite to update the status of your other profiles, you can add your LinkedIn Company Page to Hootsuite.  There are other places you can use to update your Company Status such as Spredfast, Sprinklr, and Thismoment.

Here’s how you add your LinkedIn Company Page to Hootsuite.


Next Connect with LinkedIn, Allow Hootsuite access, and from there you will be able to Add your Company Page. Now updating your Company Page is a snap!


Good LinkedIn Company Page Examples

Need a little inspiration?  Here are some great LinkedIn Company Pages for you to checkout!

Social Media Examiner

Good example of different products, updates, and recommendations (full disclosure, I update and maintain this)



Here is their Product page.  I love the way they think outside the box and offer their free reports as their products – great for lead generation!



Love their updates and products area as well!


LinkedIn Company Page Tutorial Video

Want to see this all in action?  Watch my tutorial video on how to set up your company Page and have a little fun with Grandma Mary!


Then tell me what you think in the comments below!  Do you have a Linkedin Company Page?  Why or why not?

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