customer relationshipDo you have a way to follow up with your potential customers?  Maybe you are already using a tool that works for you.  But if you are just keeping those “call me in about a month” messages in your head then you need to get a system.

We aren’t going to get into all the Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) systems out there.  There are a ton.  Some are free and most are paid systems.  But one free system that is sitting right under your nose is LinkedIn.

Hopefully you are already using LinkedIn for your business.  If not, get started with some of these LinkedIn tips.  What you may not know about is LinkedIn’s built in system for storing notes about your contacts and reminders to follow up with them in the future.

All you need to do is to log in to your account and navigate to someone that you are connected with.  Right below person’s bio is a space to add Notes, Reminders on when to contact them, and information about How you met.  Hat tip to Phyllis Khare on showing me this handy section of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn CRM tool


Notice that you can also access all your past activity within LinkedIn for a history of your interactions.  If you don’t see this feature yet on your contacts, it is still rolling out to all users and you can request it by going here: and click Get Started.

The other thing you can do is add a Tag to each profile so that you can group your contacts.  Notice that I have Phyllis tagged as a Partner.  There are many different ways to add tags to your contacts.  You can do this individually or you can go to your Connections area: and add tags to your list of contacts.

LinkedIn Tags


When you add tags to your connections, you can then easily e-mail all of the people who have that tag within LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Group message tagged

Use the LinkedIn e-mail sparingly as you don’t want to spam your connections.  Make sure you are providing value in your e-mail messages.  And always always make sure you un-check the box that shows everyone’s e-mail address. 

LinkedIn message

Now you are keeping your contacts organized, following up with them in a meaningful way and growing your business!

Hope that was helpful and let me know how you use LinkedIn in the comments below!