Comparing the Cost of 3 Social Media Management Tools

Comparing the cost of social media management tools has become harder than airline prices.  They all have such different features, configurations, and add-ons that it’s almost impossible to see which one is right for you.

Luckily, Ian Anderson Gray has come up with this handy cost comparison tool, which has recently been updated to include more features and options to help you narrow your choices, as well as current pricing.

The comparison chart focuses on 3 top social media management tools that often go head-to-head when a marketing team is considering this type of tool:  Hootsuite, Agora Pulse, and Sprout Social.

To use this chart, click on Edit and then just select the number of social profiles you have, numbers of fans and followers, number of users, and any advanced options you need.  Then you’ll be able to see which tool is right for you.


Brought to you by Seriously Social with Ian Anderson Gray




Personally, I use and recommend Agorapulse. After spending a tremendous amount of time using different tools and still going crazy trying to keep up with all the different types and sources of notifications, Agorapulse helped me get all of that sorted out.

How about you – are you using any of these tools? Share your thoughts in the comments below!