So I got a message from the universe the other day.  Actually it was a message I had heard before but in a much different context.

It was a message I got from the nurse during the birth of my 2nd son.  “Your baby needs you to push now.”

I tell the story in this video (I promise there aren’t details of the birth that you don’t want to hear)


So  12 years later as fear is showing up for me while I’m launching my new Facebook Advertising Secrets course, I hear the message loud and clear in my head:  “Your baby needs you to push now.”

And just like 12 years ago, that was exactly the message I needed to hear.

Growth can be painful.  And scary.

As we go into 2018, I hope we can all take this message forward as we bring our new courses, new products, new services, new creative ventures, and new dreams into the world.

Your baby needs you to push now.