Do you feel like no one is listening to you?  You put up a blog post, tweet it out, put it on Facebook and nothing?  Nada, zilch, zippo.  Why is that?  Let’s look at 5 possible reasons.

Now you really have to watch my video to get all of my advice on these tidbits but here is the list.

1.  You aren’t interacting.  You need to be social and talk to others first.  Retweet them, comment on their Facebook posts, get out there and comment on blogs.  I know it takes time but schedule it in!

2.  You aren’t connecting in real life.  Some of my best connections on line are with people I’ve made an effort to connect with in real life.  Get out to networking events, tweetups, call people on Skype!

3.  You aren’t putting out quality content.  Now I’m not pointing any fingers here.  I don’t know what your content is like but it might be time to take a look at it.  Are you writing about things that people are interested in?  Use Twitter searches to find out what people have questions about.

4.  Maybe your content rocks but your headlines aren’t interesting.  Make sure they are retweetable and compelling.  Take a look at Copybloggers 10 Surefire Headlines That Work post.

5.  You are playing it safe.  Stir the pot, create controversy, ruffle some feathers!  All of that!

Now I’m not saying that I’m the best at all this.  I need as much work as the next guy.  But let’s do this together and get our message heard and help some people!  Now watch my video.