I had the privilege of interviewing Lon Safko, author of The Fusion Marketing Bible and The Social Media Bible. In his new book, The Fusion Marketing Bible, he talks about how to approach all aspects of your marketing:  social media, print ads, business cards, flyers, events, your website, and interconnect them in a new way with the “Safko Wheel“.

With traditional marketing you have lots of different ways to market shown here:



Then you have social media marketing and start making connections between the ways you are combining your marketing.



Now you overlay the two and start combining your efforts in a meaningful way.

In the interview, we dive deeper into what Fusion Marketing is and how it can work for your business.  He even predicted the future of social media 🙂 He’s smart like that. Go get his book (and his special offer he mentions in the video!) at www.LonSafko.com