Manage Your Mindset

Being on social media all day can be a bit….well…..distracting. ¬†Ya think??

But not only that, there can be other challenges that come up when you are looking at everyone’s fabulous lives, being pulled in 15 different directions by clients, and working from home where there are tons of free snacks ūüôā

Phyllis Khare recently talked about all the challenges with managing mindset for your long term success. ¬†Here’s our recorded SocialTalk Live video – as always, we had some fun!

And here are the quick tips for you.

Tip #1  Consider yourself the CEO of your own life.

This tip crosses both into dealing with clients as well as making sure you are designing the life you want.  Do not lose the boundaries of the job.

Be an advocate for yourself.  Clients can sometimes ask you to bend over backwards when you have a full schedule.  Accommodate when you can but also leave time for your own work.

When you are in a service business you want to help people. ¬†That’s a good thing but don’t let people take advantage of you.

Tip #2  Keep balance on social media

Don’t get sucked into drama, or distraction. ¬†You might be on Facebook trying to do research and suddenly, someone is wrong! ¬†You must correct them.

comic wrong on interent duty_calls
omic courtesy of XKCD

Use a timer to get on and off the social sites.

Know your weakness.  If you know that Pinterest will suck you in, or scrolling endlessly through the News Feed on Facebook is your favorite thing to do, then avoid those activities if possible.

Create Interest Lists on Facebook or only go to certain places for your work activities.

Tip #3 – Be the creator not the consumer

If you are going to stand out on social media, be a creator. ¬†Don’t just re-share everyone else’s content.

Don’t worry that it’s all been said before – you have your own unique perspective and your own voice. ¬†Your following wants to hear it from you.

Tip #4 Have a support team

A support team can not just be about people who help out in your business.  You need a safe place to vent with a group who you can trust.

We have a fantastic group with our 1000+ members of Social Media Manager School.  We keep each other from going crazy, give advice, and keep each other up on the latest tips!

Don’t just talk in tweets though, see them in person. ¬†I have a mastermind with a few like-minded groups of people and I love it! ¬†We meet via Zoom video conferencing.

Tip #5 Have a practice that helps you ride the roller coaster

This is a huge one for me.  This is why I run.

burn off the crazy

Getting outside helps, too.  Sometimes taking a walk can be the best thing for you even when you are busy.

Other things ¬†that work well are mediation, keeping a gratitude journal, yoga, or other types of exercise. ¬† Don’t get too busy to do your crazy-burning practice.

I mentioned a tip I heard from Seth Godin on Tim Ferriss’ podcast:

“People get Entrepreneurial Block for only one reason. It’s not because they are not qualified or because they are not passionate – it is because they are afraid.
And you need to be clear with yourself on
– What you are afraid of
– Why you are afraid
– And whether you care enough to dance with that fear because it will never go away.”

Tip #6 Manage your money in your business

This tip is good for any entrepreneur.  When I started I really bootstrapped my business.  And that was great РI was lean and mean.

But as you grow, you take on more expenses. ¬†Maybe it’s an employee, maybe it’s different tools or investments.

You need to manage your cash flow so that you aren’t making decisions from a place of fear.

Sometimes you don’t know where the next month’s income is coming from so you need to build up a buffer.

Tip #7 Manage your environment so you feel good

De-clutter, have your own space to work, and surround yourself with positive stuff.

I made an investment in a stand up desk that I love.  Having a positive work space can make a huge difference in your mindset.

How about you?  How do you manage your mindset on social media or as an entrepreneur?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!