SMMS_LogoHave you thought about becoming a social media consultant or managing someone’s social media presence?   Do you like hanging out on Facebook and other social media sites?  Have your friends and neighbors asked you to show them “how to do Twitter”?

If you have thought about making some extra money while doing something fun like teaching people how to use social media, then you may be ready to start your own business.

A social media manager or consultant is a perfect job for people who want a flexible schedule, want to work from home and are not afraid of the computer.  It also helps to enjoy social media and also to enjoy learning new things.  Because if you have been in the world of social media at all, you know how fast it can change.  And that is how you become in-demand.  Many business owners don’t want to learn social media and keep up with all the changes.  They want to outsource that to someone else – YOU!

That’s why my good friend and co-author, Phyllis Khare and I developed Social Media Manager School – for people who want to learn how to be a successful social media consultant or manager.  And I have to say the course is freakin awesome.  I could be a tad biased but we also hear that from our students every day.

We have opened the course up for a short while (it’s only available until October 9th – classes start October 10th) and I wanted to give you my thoughts on why you should consider this course if you are interested in becoming a social media manager or consultant or boosting the business you already have.

1.  Offered for a very limited time

We are only taking students until October 9th.  Then the course is going to be closed until late spring 2014.  The reason is we have updated all the lessons, bonuses, tutorials, and spreadsheets so that you have the most current information.  You know how fast social media changes and we can only update this course a couple times a year.  We have over 30 hours of videos that are included plus downloads and the latest reference material for you.

2.  Build your business and your social media skills in one course

There is no other course like this on the market.  The course gives you the guidance on how to grow your business and set it up so that you are profitable but also gives you the social media skills you can use to help your clients grow their businesses.  It’s a unique combination that we are very proud of and is a one-stop-shop for you.  We have modules on what to charge and how to invoice as well as how to structure your social media tools so that you can manage multiple clients.

3.  Plug-and-play forms that save you hours of time

We have dozens of forms included that you can use for everything from creating social media reports, proposals, editorial calendars, marketing flow sheets, and even a set of blog post ideas.

Social media proposal

Social Media Results tracking

4.  Access to the instructors and get group support in our Private Facebook Group.

In my opinion this alone is worth the cost of the course hands down.  We have a lively group where people have a safe space to ask questions, get advice, and get real-world answers from the instructors (myself and Phyllis) and from the students who are doing this work.

We have heard time and time again how much people love support and connection they have in the Facebook Group.


Social Media Manager School


Facebook SMMS group2



We will be with you every step of the way as you take this course.  And beyond.

5.  Up-to-date tips and tricks to make your business and your life easier.

This course has been completely re-vamped with the latest social media tools.  But we don’t give you a list of “500 of the Best Social Media Tools” that you have to wade through.  We list our top 10 tools that we use every day plus give you a few more here and there to try out.  We do all the testing on them ahead of time so you know we only recommend what is useful.

6.  Gain confidence and get more business with the Certificate of Completion.

At the end of the course, you have the opportunity to take a test based on what you have learned.  We test you on the basics of social media, recommended best practices, as well as the other material we cover.  When you pass with 80% correct or more, we give you a badge you can put on your website or a certificate suitable for framing to acknowledge your accomplishment.  We have students that have won business based on this certificate and more importantly, you feel confident in front of your customers that you have the latest social media knowledge.

Kristy Schnabel certificate


7.  Extended Social Media Basics section if you are just getting started.

If you aren’t sure if you are ready to dive in because you don’t feel like your social media knowledge is “up-to-snuff” we added a basics section just for you.  We go through the basics of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, G+, Pinterest, and Instagram.  And we provide the best resource links on where you can learn more.  We even cover the basics of Facebook advertising so that you can get up to speed with how you can advise your clients on what types of ads to run.

8.  Crazy-good price.

Ok, maybe now you are thinking “Wow, this sounds great, it must cost a fortune.”  Thankfully it doesn’t.  The course costly only $297 for everything.  Just the other day someone joined and couldn’t believe all the value they received in just the Basics and the Bonuses section.  We also have a 2-pay plan if you want to split your payment up.  Find out more and get signed up here:  But don’t wait, you only have until October 9th to sign up!


PS.  If you want a sneak peek into the free training and free webinar we did, you can get that here:  Free Training