Grandma Mary Interviews Ian Cleary at #NMX

Yeeha!   I got to interview the fabulous Ian Cleary at #NMX.  This guy knows his tools. He gave a fantastic presentation about the best tools to be using during content creation, how to use tools to help you find keywords, and tools to make sharing your content easier.  Some of my favorite tools that I [...]

Grandma Mary Interviews Sarah Arrow in London

Yeeha!  In my recent trip to London I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Arrow of Birds on the Blog.  This is a fantastic award-winning multi-author blog and she shares some of her tips of running a blog like this with us. They post an amazing 30-some posts per week which is amazing!  Make sure [...]

Grandma Mary Twitter Street Walking in London

I have met all kinds of crazy people as I’ve traveled all over the world doing my Twitter Street Walking interviews.  And London was no exception. I hung out for an afternoon at the lovely St. Paul’s Cathedral finding out who was tweeting and what they were tweeting about.  I did not find a lot [...]

Grandma Mary Interviews Oh So Pinteresting Cynthia Sanchez

Have you wondering why there is such a buzz about Pinterest?  Are you confused about how Pinterest can help your business and how you get started?  Well I have a treat for you today! I interviewed Cynthia Sanchez of Oh So Pinteresting and she gave me the scoop on why it works so well for [...]

How to Create a Free Custom Facebook Tab with Tabfoundry

Would you like to get leads from your Facebook Page?  Or would you like to add a little pizzazz and customize your Page?  Adding a custom tab to your Facebook Page is a great way to accomplish both of these things. And there is an easy tool that you can use to add a custom [...]

How to Run a Facebook Ad to Get the Most New Fans at the Best Price

I’m a little hot under the collar here because I see a lot of people wasting their money on Facebook Ad campaigns.  I love to pinch my pennies and we don’t need to be giving Facebook any more of our hard-earned money than necessary. I’m a big believer in Facebook Ads because they can work [...]