Grandma Mary Interviews Andy Crestodina at #CMWorld

I was fortunate enough to catch up with Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media and this guy is a Google Analytics Ninja! He gave a bunch of great tips on things you want to pay attention to in your Google Analytics – you have to watch to get all the good nuggets! As he said, you [...]

Grandma Mary interviews Ann Handley of #EverybodyWrites

Are you a writer? This is a trick question because the answer when Ann Handley is around is always “Yes”. I had the pleasure of sitting in on her session at Content Marketing World last week where she gave us fantastic nuggets of wisdom about writing.  Delicious! She talked about how words are our ambassadors and we [...]

Grandma Mary Says Keep the Promises You Make to Yourself

You might think that promises to other people are more important but you need to respect your own promises, too. Here are my thoughts on how you can be more successful at keeping those promises.  I also have a different take on “SMART” goals – watch the video to find out.   Here are my [...]

Grandma Mary Says Don’t Let the Turkeys Get You Down

There are naysayers and dream-stealers out there who might say some negative things about what you are doing. Don’t let those turkeys get you down. The thing is, most of the time, those turkeys have some ulterior motives. Whether it’s the turkeys in your head or the turkeys you are related to, they are sometimes [...]

Grandma Mary Gives You 3 Things to Stop Doing Right Now

Are you busy all the time but you aren’t getting anything done? I know how it is – I’ve been there myself – I can’t figure out why I have to stay up until 1 a.m. to get something done when I had a big chunk of the day free. Time to stop doing the [...]

Grandma Mary Says Do Your Own Work

Are you comparing your business to someone else’s? This can be a recipe for disaster. You have to put your energy into doing YOUR best work.   I’m not saying don’t watch what others are doing, because you can get some good ideas, I’m saying don’t WORRY about what others are doing! Watch my quick pep [...]