Case Study: 3000 New Subscribers from Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are great for getting new email subscribers to a list.  But you have to offer them something valuable and continue to deliver value.  Sue Larkey, a long-time client and autism spectrum expert and educator has done just that.  Find out how we got 3000 new subscribers from Facebook ads in a new market and how she continues to sell out workshops all over Australia.

Step 1:  Create GREAT Content

In order to get people onto your email list, you have to create great content.  And Sue does just that.

Sue has a podcast, ebooks, an elearning magazine, webinars, blog posts and more. In fact, I’m not quite sure how she does it all but what that allows us to do is find out which topics and mediums are converting the best.

We are tracking the conversion cost for each type of lead magnet with Custom Conversions and Standard Event codes with the Facebook Pixel.

Sue does have a very compelling topic as she helps parents and educators teach children on the autism spectrum.

One mistake a do see marketers making is not testing many different types of lead magnets.

Often times a webinar is going to convert at a higher cost than a downloadable ebook or a checklist for example.  So if they only test one thing, they may think that their lead cost is just too high.

Breaking into a New Market

Sue is very well known in Australia and New Zealand and wanted to start building a presence in the UK market.

So we took one of her better converting lead magnets and also the targeting we had already tested in Australia and started an ad plan.

We tested a couple of different images and the image with the blue background worked better in this case.

Note that this campaign ran last year so I would probably tweak the text due to the recent guidelines for personal attributes that Facebook has in their ad policies.

Ad for Sue Larkey

We were able to get the lead cost down to $0.77/lead which is great.

But it’s still good to test other options.

Step 2:  Test different content

One of the other things that Sue offers during the year are her free webinars that then lead to her paid online courses.  In fact, she is offering 3 free online webinars related to teaching for the autism spectrum  now through May 12th, 2019.

We then tested the webinar content in the UK market and found that one ad did ever better at $0.68/lead.

She partners with Tony Attwood, a respected clinical psychologist known world wide for his knowledge of Aspergers Syndrome.

The webinars are available on demand and typically only available for a 1 or 2 week period.

Webinar with Tony Attwood

Looking at the results, we were able to get over 3000 new subscribers to her email list in a new market for just over $3000.

Split Test different lead magnets

Step 3:  Continue to build and nurture

Sue also continues to offer educational tips and great content through her email list, ebooks, and workshops.  She has sold out workshops all over Australia and New Zealand (which we use Facebook ads for as well).

And now she will be able to connect more with her new market in the UK.

Testimonial from Sue

Sue Larkey

THANK YOU sooooo much!!

YOU are a STAR!! We are soooooooo lucky to have found such an amazing Facebook Ads SUPER Star





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