Boosted Posts on Facebook

One of the biggest mistakes I see Facebook Page owners making is overusing the Boost Posts button on your Page.

Facebook makes it so quick and easy to use plus they give you little incentive notifications like “This post is doing better than 90% of your other posts, you should boost it”.

The problem with Boosted Posts

Boosted Posts from your Timeline are automatically optimized for Page Post Engagement.

Which means the ad is shown to people who are more likely to click Like, comment or share your post.

So while you can target your Fans and the Friends of your Fans or using the interest targeting, you shouldn’t do that.

Adding Targeting on Boosted Posts

Because if someone who isn’t your Fan clicks Like on your post, they will never see you again and you have just paid $0.50 (or whatever they are charging) for a meaningless Post like.  It’s a waste of money.

The other issue with Boosted posts is that they may not be driving the cheapest traffic to your website.  When you look at the results, you can see in this example that there were 29 Link Clicks and $52.38 spent.  That translates into $1.81/link click which is more expensive than I usually pay.

Boosted post link clicks

But there are still good reasons to use the Boost Post option (more on that later).

Use the Ads Manager Instead

If you have a different true objective for your Facebook Ad, such as getting people over to your website, use the Ads Manager on Facebook to set up a better ad.

Facebook Website Click Ad


When You Should Use Boosted Posts

Boosted Posts are perfect for re-engagement of your current Fans.  

Boost posts to Fans

The boosted post has a place in your marketing strategy but it’s best for re-connecting to your current audience.

Do Your Own Testing

I know many of my clients do use Boosted posts in different ways and they work quite well.  As with almost every piece of advice I ever give, you need to test what works for you.

Make sure you are customizing your Facebook Reports so that you see the right stats to compare your results.  You can see that some of my Boosted Posts did better in terms of cost per website click than some of my other ads (but again, I always boost only to my Fans who are my warm audience)

Watch Facebook Reports

Facebook Ads are extremely powerful but the Boosted Post should not always be your first (or only) choice.  In fact most of the time, you should probably be using a Website Click ad or Website Conversion ad with better targeting that you get through the Ads Manager.

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Boosted Posts on Facebook


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