How to Structure Your Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns

Are you running Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns but aren’t sure how to set them up properly? Or maybe you want to test different audiences and images but aren’t sure how to get accurate test results.  In today’s blog post, I will share exactly how to structure your Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns for both the testing phase and the scaling phase.

One of the biggest mistakes I see marketers making is not structuring their Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns properly when testing.

There are two types of Facebook and Instagram campaign structures:

  1. Advantage Campaign Budget Optimization.  This was formerly called Campaign Budget Optimization and sometimes referred to as CBO and I will still use the shortened name in this blog post.
  2. Ad Set Budget Optimization.  Also referred to as ABO.

Advantage Campaign Budget Optimization sets the daily or lifetime budget at the Campaign (top) level and then Facebook allocates the budget according to the way Facebook perceives the audiences are performing (which isn’t always correct).

Ad Set Budget Optimization means that the budget is set at the Ad Set level and that budget will be dedicated to that particular audience.




Testing Phase:  Use Ad Set Budget Optimization

When you are in the testing phase for Facebook and Instagram ads, you should choose Ad Set Budget Optimization to give each audience the ability to have a meaningful test.

Here’s an example of a 10-Day split testing plan that will effectively test 3 different audiences and 3 different images and 1 video.

10 Day Facebook Ad Test plan

Because of the way the Facebook Ads Manager is set up, you need to dedicate each budget separately to each of the assets.

As you are setting up your campaign, watch to make sure the Advantage campaign budget option isn’t in the “On” position.

Facebook Advantage Campaign Budget Optimization

When you create multiple Ad Sets underneath the Campaign, you can then control budgets and see exactly which audiences performed the best.

Facebook Ad Set Budget Optimization

How to Structure Your Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns in the Scaling Phase

Scaling your ads can be a challenge and it sometimes depends on your overall Facebook Ads budget.

Many times I’m scaling the Ad Sets up individually but Facebook has gotten better at optimizing the audiences.

If you do want to try a Advantage Campaign Budget Optimization campaign for scaling, there are 2 options:

  1. Duplicate the testing campaign and switch the toggle switch to ON for the Campaign Budget Optimization.  Only keep the Ad Sets and Ads that have been performing well.
  2. Start from scratch with a new Campaign and duplicate the Ad Sets into the Existing Campaign you just created.

I recommend only choosing the best performing audiences and Ads for this campaign and this is how I would structure it.

How to Structure Your Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns when scaling

As usual, watch the performance at the individual levels and I turn off things that are clearly not working.

Hope this was helpful to you!  Leave a comment if you have a question!

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