Return on Facebook Ads

Every week I see people wondering if Facebook Ads are worth it.  They ask if they can really get a return on Facebook Ads.  Maybe they’ve tried Facebook ads before (once) and they didn’t work.

This article is all about EXACTLY how you can get a return on Facebook ads and why Facebook ads are still working.

Facebook Ads for Courses – a reframe

When I first spoke to Dr. Edward, the Healing Vet,he had run some Facebook ads for his course but wasn’t seeing a lot of success.  His course is designed to help dog-owners assess un-diagnosed pain in their pets through his Whole Energy Body Balance method.

He’s had huge success treating animals and has been developing this method for 20+ years.

His course has great reviews and success stories but running Facebook ads direct to his sales page wasn’t working.

And that’s a big issue.  Typically it’s hard to sell anything over $100 – $200 to a cold audience (not impossible, of course, but often there are better methods).

You need to warm up the audience first with some great content and then sell to your warm audience – people who have already benefited from you or know you.

Use a Webinar First

We decided the quickest way to offer free content was through a webinar that gave the audience some tips about how to spot un-diagnosed pain and then talk about the course at the end of the webinar.

Dr. Edward used a simple Zoom Webinar setup (you can sign up for his upcoming webinar on April 26th here:  Pain:  The Silent Problem Many Dog Owners Miss).

We added the Facebook Pixel to the Zoom webinar Registration Page and the Lead Pixel to the Thank You page so that we could track the conversions.

Facebook Ads funnel

He gave great value on his webinar and then promoted his course with a limited time discount.

Test Facebook Audiences and Images

The next biggest impact we made for Dr. Edward is in the testing phase.  We ran 21 different ads with 5 different audiences in order to find the Facebook ads that were going to give us the best return.

Facebook Ad example

We optimized the ads for Conversions and ran Campaign Budget Optimization so that Facebook allocated the budget to the higher performing ads.  We turned off ads that weren’t performing well since Facebook doesn’t always work perfectly.

We were able to get over 600 people registered on the webinar with a low cost per lead.  Remember that every business niche and offering is going to be different so you need to test what is typical for your business.

Facebook Webinar Ads


Add a limited time offer

It can be hard to move people into action.  We need incentive.  So add some type of limited offer or bonus or discount for better results when selling a course.

The other thing that is good to do is use Facebook Retargeting ads when promoting the course itself.  That way you are only showing the sales message to the people who are most interested.

You can retarget:

  • People who have attended the webinar
  • People who signed up for the webinar but didn’t attend
  • People who went to the website
  • People who are on your email list
  • People who have watched a certain percentage of your videos on your Facebook Page

These people may be more receptive to your limited time offer even if they didn’t get a chance to attend the webinar.

Results:  8x Return on Facebook Ads

The great news for Dr. Edward is that he got over 8x return on his Facebook ads, grew his email list with highly targeted followers, and improved the lives of many dog-owners!

Facebook ads are still working when you optimize them well, test different audiences and images, and have a good strategy.

Hope that helps you if you are thinking of launching a course or a product.

And I highly encourage any dog-owners to follow and connect with Dr Edward on his Facebook Page:  The Healing Vet and sign up for his webinar!

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