Facebook Insights TipsAre you confused when it comes to Facebook Insights?  Do you want to quickly access the best information you can get from your insights so that you can move on with your day?

In this post, you’ll learn three hot tips to help you get the most out of your Facebook Insights.

#1 Find Your Most Popular Content

My favorite way to use Facebook Insights is to find out which posts resonate with my audience.  You can do this on the main page of your Insights.  Click the columns of the Engaged Users and Talking About This to find your most popular content.  The Talking About This column includes people who Like, comment on, or share your post which contributes to your overall People Talking About This score.

The Engaged Users includes the Talking About This number plus anyone who clicks on your post.  That means this number includes your lurkers!  Lurkers are those people who consume your content in some way but don’t officially respond.  Of course, your engaged user scores will be higher for link posts but you can find which links were clicked on.

Engaged Facebook audience

#2 Watch Your Negative Feedback

You can access your Post-level data by clicking on the numbers in the Reach, Engaged Users, and Talking About This columns.  The numbers are interesting but the one to watch is in the Engaged Users column.  When you click on the number, you can see if any of your fans gave you negative feedback on that post.  Negative feedback includes if someone hides your Page, reports spam, or unlikes your Page from that post.  If you want to know the exact breakdown of the negative feedback, you can download the Post-level data and dig deeper into the stats.

Negative feedback Facebook

While you can’t worry too much about negative feedback, it’s a good idea to watch what posts irritate your audience.

#3 Watch external referrers and internal traffic

My third favorite area to watch in Facebook insights is on the Reach tab of your Insights.  Click the Reach selection at the top of your insights and scroll down to the area where it shows you the Visits to Your Page section.

Reach tab Insights

From here you can see who is referring traffic to your Facebook Page and see where people are going on your Page.  This information can help you see how effective your external marketing is and how effective each of your tabs are.

External referrers

For example I can see that Grandma Mary’s most popular tab is the e-mail optin tab created with Heyo (listed here as Fan Page Tab 14).  I highly recommend having a way to connect your fans easily to your e-mail list and having a freebie available on your Page is a great way to accomplish that.

The good news is that you don’t have to monitor this particular tab that often, just check in from time to time to see who your top referrers are and what tabs are performing well.

Hopefully you got some good ideas on how you can quickly monitor your Facebook Insights from this post.  How about you – what do you find useful in Facebook Insights?  Let me know in the comments below!