Search for Posts on Facebook
Are you searching for a particular post on Facebook?

There are a couple of ways to search for Facebook Posts without having to go too far into the weeds.


 #1 Use Graph Search

If you remember a phrase of the post or what the post was about, you can use the Graph Search function at the top of the Page.  Enter the phrase and then use the magnifying glass to get all the results.

Facebook Graph Search

Then you will be able to sort through the posts from your friends or any posts that are public that have this phrase in it.  You can also use this technique to do more general searches to find out what people are posting about around a certain topic!


Facebook Graph Search results


#2 Use Your Activity Log

If you have interacted with the post in some way – liked it, commented on it, or shared it somewhere – you can find it in your Activity Log.

Facebook Activity Log


Now you can see your most recent activity, where the activity occurred, and you can even search your activity.

Activity Log Search


Take a look at this video showing how you can search for posts:


And another good thing to think about doing for posts that that you want to keep track of is to Save the post on Facebook. Here’s a handy video on how you can do that and where you find those saved links for videos later.