3 Hot Tips to Make Your Facebook Videos Better

Have you been using Facebook Videos in your marketing?  Facebook Videos are overtaking YouTube in terms of visibility on Facebook.  So it’s better to upload any video you post directly to Facebook.

I’ve recently been doing some video tips for Social Media Examiner and I have a short series of hot tips on how to improve your Facebook Videos.

#1  3 Things You MUST Do When You Upload a Video to Facebook

Ok so I combine 3 things into one tip here which is kind of cheating.  But when you upload a video, you want to make sure you do these 3 things:

  • Have a good description with your video post.  This will stay with the video.  Add a link directly into the description if you want to direct people to a place on your website.
  • Add a Call to Action.  This shows up at the end of the video and will help drive traffic to your site.
  • Edit the video to add a Title and adjust the Thumbnail.  This step helps customize exactly how you want your video to look.

Watch this video to see these steps in action.

Video is becoming much more important on Facebook. Make sure your video looks great on Facebook with these 3 tips! – Andrea

Posted by Social Media Examiner on Tuesday, December 2, 2014


#2  Make Playlists and add a Featured Video

Now again this is two things so I’m SO cheating on this numbered post.  But the point is that you can customize your video tab with playlists and your Featured video shows up on your main Page as well as showing up larger on your video tab.

Take a look at this video to see how this looks:

Video is becoming more important on Facebook and they just added some cool features to Pages – Featured Videos and…

Posted by Social Media Examiner on Tuesday, January 20, 2015


#3 Embed Facebook Videos on your Blog or Website

Finally a step with just one tip.  So why would you want to embed a Facebook video on your site rather than a YouTube video?  One reason would be to possibly drive more people back to your Facebook Page.  If Facebook is a critical place for you to be, using the Facebook embed feature could be a good option for you.

Take a look at the video to see how you do this.

Would you like to repurpose your content and drive more people to your Facebook Page? One great way is to upload videos…

Posted by Social Media Examiner on Friday, April 3, 2015

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