What is the scoop on the new Facebook Smart Lists?  Some people think they are creepy since they automatically choose people to be on your lists.  But I think they are kind of handy.  Here are four things you need to know about them.

1.  They are private.  Just like the other Friends Lists you may have created, no one will see who is on these lists.  If you add someone to your Family list or to your Friends who Work With You list, they will get notified and have to approve the fact that you are Family Members or Co-workers (watch the video to see how that works).  But only your current connections can add you to Lists.

2.  You can Merge them with an existing list.  You may have already created a list that has your college friends or local people in your area and now you have two.   You don’t want two of the same lists.  So if you click on the list, then Manage List in the upper right, you have some options.  Unfortunately you can’t delete the new list, but you can hide it if you choose.

3.  The lists are self-updating.  Now it’s not going to update your Close Friends.  Luckily Facebook hasn’t gotten to the point where it’s actually choosing your friends for you.  But it will give you suggestions on who to add based on who you interact with.  It will update your school lists and your local friends.  I think that’s handy, so you don’t have to remember to add those people.


4.  You can expand your local region to include more people.  The default on the local area is 10 miles.  If you want a larger region, just go into the list and click on the miles to change it.  I love that you don’t have to figure out who lives near you.





Watch my handy tutorial on Facebook Smart Lists so you can get all the details. And tell me what you think about these new Lists in the comments below!