Facebook Marketing Strategy

Marketing your business on Facebook is a must if you want to attract customers on social media. Due to Facebook’s huge population, you have a better chance of reaching your ideal audience than any other social media platform.

In addition to that, B2C marketers have rated Facebook as the most effective social media platform. Having said this, you need a solid Facebook Marketing strategy to get the best out of your efforts.

Effectiveness for B2C Social Media

Source: https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2015/10/B2C-content-marketing-research/

Amidst this large number of users – and because of it – there’s a lot of noise and your message might get lost in it. In other words, your message might never reach your ideal audience simply because there’s too much content vying for their attention.

How do you ensure your messages reach the ideal audience and produce the right results? In this blog post, discover 4 tips to supercharge your Facebook marketing strategy now:

1. Leverage user-generated content

To make your marketing messages more authentic, let your customers market your products on your behalf. This is what user-generated content (UGC) is all about: building authenticity and engaging your top customers by showcasing their content on your Page.

It helps you to build a community on Facebook as your audience feel recognized by their favourite brand. Plus, whether you’re sharing updates or running an ad campaign, user-generated content can increase trust and performance.

For instance, Business2Community revealed that UGC is 35% more memorable than other media like ads or brand-created content, and 50% more trusted. Moreso, bazaarvoice found that UGC has an impact on 84% of millennials and 70% of boomers.


User Generated Content on social media

Source: http://media2.bazaarvoice.com/documents/Bazaarvoice_WP_Talking-to-Strangers.pdf

To facilitate UGC, you can create a hashtag that followers can use when they take an image or create a video featuring your product.

What’s more, you should encourage them to share this type of content; here’s a great example from GoPro, who encourage their fans to be more active, by featuring their Top Fans at the top of their Community Page:

GoPro top Facebook Fans


Plus, they also regularly feature content created by their fans, using their products, on their main Facebook Page:


GoPro Facebook Page


2. Use employee advocacy to expand your reach and engagement

If you’re looking for a way to make your messages more authentic and to make it reach a wider audience, then look no further than inside your very own company: your employees.

Employee advocacy occurs when your employees post vital information on their Facebook accounts to their friends. Here are 2 advantages you get through employee advocacy:

  • You reach more people with your message
  • Messages from your employee account are more trusted than those from the company account – we’re much more likely to trust a real person (especially if it’s someone we know) than a brand

Having said this, you won’t get amazing results from your employee advocacy campaign if your employees post about your business all the time. When this happens, it starts looking forced and spammy.

Let your employees share updates about important events like a product announcement, promotional offer, or recruitment. In other words, messages that are valuable to their friends.

To organize your employee advocacy, you can use a tool like Easy Advocacy; it’s free to use and can really simplify the entire strategy. Simply invite the team members you want to take part, create your campaign, add the content and news you want people to talk about and then sit back and let your employees start posting.

Plus, it also provides analytics to help you track your advocacy campaign performance.

See an example of employee advocacy from Vodafone employees on Facebook – a post from one of their employees showcasing their company culture by having an employee posting about their graduate programme:

Employee advocacy on social media

Source: https://www.slideshare.net/amplispot/vodafone-employee-advocacy


3. Exploit Facebook ad remarketing

Unless a buyer’s mind is completely made up, they’ll need many visits before they make a purchase. In fact, Ad Roll estimates that 98% of your first-time visitors will leave without buying.

Do you lose these people forever? How do you bring them back to your website? Facebook remarketing ads are a great way to target people who already visited your website and checked out your products or services with highly targeted and personalized ads.

Facebook allows you to create a custom audience based on your website visits. These are people who have visited your website in the past.

Retargeting Facebook ads

Considering that there are many actions people can take on your website, you can also target Facebook users based on what they do on your website. There are extensive options available for this.

Facebook Pixel for tracking

To track Facebook users on your website though, you need to install the Facebook pixel onto your site.

Install the Facebook Pixel

Apart from remarketing to your website visitors, you can also remarket to people on your contact list that you’ve reached out to in the past, using Facebook ads. Another way to remarket your ads is to your mobile app users. You can target them with ads based on their actions or inactions on your app.

Facebook retargeting to App

For a more general Facebook marketing strategy with ads, take a look at this post:  Facebook Ad strategy for any business.


4. Exploit Facebook video content

Over the years, video has become big on social media. This is no surprise considering that the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. In other words, it’s easier to pass your message across to your audience through video.

Perhaps, this might explain the findings by a HubSpot study that 54% of consumers expect videos from businesses on social media. Plus, Facebook was hitting 8 billion daily video views as far back as 2015 which means video is popular with users.

Type of Facebook content that people like

There are 2 common ways to use videos on Facebook:

  • Live videos
  • Uploaded videos

Based on performance, live videos boast of better engagement than uploaded videos. For instance, live videos get 3 times more views than posted videos. You can use live videos for important events like product announcements and others.

Nevertheless, uploaded videos are also important considering that they boast of better performance than text and images. This is supported by a SocialBakers study that found videos get 135% greater organic reach than images.

Apart from your Facebook updates, you can use videos as creatives for your ads. However, when uploading videos on Facebook, and social media in general, you should make it as short as possible.

The best practice is to stay under 30 seconds and never go beyond 2 minutes. Because there’s a lot of content to consume on Facebook and nobody wants to watch a video that’s too long. Also, ensure you add subtitles for people who want to watch with the sound off.

Here’s what Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, said back in 2014 about videos on Facebook: “In five years, most of Facebook will be video.” 2019 is here and, well, while Facebook is not all video, video does form a large part of news feeds nowadays.


There’s a big potential to reach your ideal customers on Facebook. But there’s also a risk that your message can get lost in the noise.

Use these 4 tips today to improve your Facebook marketing strategy to stand out amongst your competitors and achieve a better ROI on your marketing budget.

Guest Contribution from Lilach Bullock

Highly regarded on the world speaker circuit, Lilach has graced Forbes and Number 10 Downing Street. She’s a hugely connected and highly influential entrepreneur. She is listed in Forbes as one of the top 20 women social media power influencers, named one of 10 top digital marketers by Brand24 and was crowned the Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle. She is listed as the number one Influencer in the UK by Career Experts and is a recipient for a Global Women Champions Award for her outstanding contribution and leadership in business.

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