Short answer:  No.  OK, OK, things are never that easy.  So I’ll answer with a wishy-washy “sometimes”.

With all the new Facebook advertising options out there how do you choose?  Do you go with a Sponsored Story, a regular Facebook Ad, Facebook Offers, Checkin Deals?  Or do you just move to a small island that hasn’t heard of Facebook?  Sometimes that option sounds good.

Well watch my video where I go through all the ins and outs of Facebook Promoted Posts including:

  • How to create a Promoted Post
  • When to use a Facebook Promoted Post
  • Where to find the stats for your Facebook Promoted Posts


If you want to know more about improving your Facebook Ad results, take a look at this article Andrea wrote:  6 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ad Results.

Here’s were I think Facebook Promoted Posts do fit into your marketing mix:

1.  To help increase engagement with existing fans.  Promote fun posts and sometimes sales posts.

2.  To reach mobile users.  Facebook sponsored stories and traditional ads don’t appear on Mobile devices.

3.  To reach people who may tune out Facebook ads on the side.

As I cover in the video, I ran two Promoted Posts.  One from a post that was more “salesy” talking about coaching rates increasing shown below:
Promoted Post


And one more “fun” post with a quote that was easy to interact with shown here:

Promoted Post
So I’m kind of cheating and showing you the results before this promoted post is done running.  But I think that the stats show that the Quote promoted post is performing much better than the other one before it is even done running.  Promoted Posts are good to get in front of people who haven’t seen your posts in awhile in the News Feed.  And I think it works better if your post is more fun and engaging.

Take a look at the stats from each.

Coaching Post:

Promoted post stats


Quote Post:

Promoted post stats

You can see from the stats that even though the Quote post has only had $6.16 spend so far, it has almost as many clicks as the Coaching post.  So it has more interaction which will then help your Edgerank.

The answer to whether Promoted Posts are worth lies in your objective.  If you are looking to reach your current fans through the News Feed that you may not be reaching, a Promoted Post every once in awhile might be worth it.
What do you think?  Have you run a Promoted Post and gotten good results?  Bad results?  Tell me in the comments!