Everything You Need to Know About the New Facebook Notes

Have you seen the lovely new layout of the new Facebook Notes?  It’s a thing of beauty.

In this post you’ll learn what’s new, how to create a Facebook Note, and how to use them for your business.

The New Facebook Notes on Profiles or Pages – Update

The first thing you need to know is that the new Notes layout is only currently available on personal profiles as of this writing.  Facebook Pages also do have Notes but it currently is the older layout.   UPDATE: Facebook Pages now have the new layout as well as of January 2016 – see it in action here:  https://www.facebook.com/notes/grandma-mary-social-media-edutainer/facebook-pages-now-have-the-new-notes/10153300547437060

Facebook’s announcement of the new Notes layout doesn’t say whether the new format will be rolled out to Pages also (my guess is that it will).

New Facebook Notes layout

The new Facebook notes layout on Profiles

When you go to Pages, you can still access any previous Notes or create a new Note but it’s in the older layout.


Facebook Notes on a Page

Facebook Notes on a Page



Main Changes to Notes

The changes are mostly cosmetic but what a difference design can make!  The new notes have a lovely new cover image at the top that you can add to your Note.  And the Note looks more “blog-y” (that’s now a word) in the layout.  Here are the changes in a nutshell:

  • Header Image (or Cover Photo) for each Note: ideal size 1200 x 445
  • You can add Links to your text
  • You can tag People, Pages, or Groups right in the text (tagging used to be on the note itself)
  • Notes now have a “feed” area
  • The photos that are in the notes can be a variety of sizes and you can manually resize photos by dragging the photo edge. But the maximum height of the photo is 720 pixels.
  • Each photo can have a “caption” within the text.
  • You can have headings for your text as well as large “quote” areas.

Things that are still the same:

  • You can format the text of your note to bold, italics, and you can change the font to mono (which doesn’t look good so don’t do that)
  • You can have numbered lists or bulleted lists
  • Notes can have comments, shares and likes
  • Notes have their own area on your profile so they are more “accessible” than a post
  • You can save drafts of Notes to work on and access later
  • You can restrict the privacy of your Note so only certain people or groups of people can see it (always available just on Profiles)
  • Notes appear in Google searches

With all the design changes you can develop very visually interesting Facebook notes that draw people in and get shared.

Facebook Notes example

Note Specifications

So here’s where details get fuzzy because Facebook hasn’t published some of these details.  But here are the known specifications:

  • The Facebook Note Cover image ideal size is 1200 x 445 pixels.  If your image is smaller then it will appear fuzzy.  If it is larger, you can drag and drop the image into the place you want.
  • Images inserted into the Note can be sized in different ways but the height is restricted to 720 so if you are trying to make your image larger, the height will cut off at 720.  Here are other dimensions available on images:
    • Full width is 1200 pixels
    • Large width is 900 pixels
    • Text-column width is 700 pixels
    • Maximum height is 720 pixels
  • Maximum length of the Note is unknown (and if you know it let me know!)  Posts are able to have 63206 characters so I think the Note would be at least that (which is about 15 pages of 11 point font text)
  • Maximum images of the Note is unknown (again let me know if you know)
  • You can have unlimited number of Notes

How to Access Facebook Notes – Facebook Profiles

Your first step to creating a Facebook Note is accessing your Notes area.  Notes are a Facebook Application just like Events are.  By default you may not have Notes on your Profile but you can get to them in several ways.

Method 1 to access Notes:

  1. Go to your own Profile (click on your name at the very top of Facebook).
  2. Select More just under your cover photo and if you already have the Notes app installed it will be in the dropdown menu and you can select it.
    Facebook More Manage Sections
  3. If you do not have Notes listed, you can select Manage Sections at the bottom of the dropdown menu.
  4. A pop-up box appears and you can add the Notes app (and arrange where you want it to appear on your profile)

Facebook Manage Sections

This also may be a good time to do a little housekeeping and get rid of the things you don’t want to see.

Method 2 to access Notes

There is another, more direct method to seeing your Notes and that is to navigate their directly by going to:  https://www.facebook.com/notes.  The previous method makes sure you have the App installed and arranged where you want it.

There are actually two places to see Notes – the link I just mentioned will also show you the “Notes News Feed” which shows you Notes of your Friends.  You can access your own Notes directly by going to www.facebook.com/yourprofilename/notes.  So for example my Notes are at:  https://www.facebook.com/andreavahl/notes

How to Access Notes – Facebook Pages

From your Page, you can typically access Notes under the More button just under your Facebook cover photo.

Facebook Notes


If you don’t see it there, you may have removed it from your Applications on your Page.  So go into the Settings, then Apps, then scroll down to the Notes App and click Edit Settings.  Add it back if it isn’t added to your Page.

Access Facebook Notes

Creating a Facebook Note

The Note creation button is different if you are in your own Notes area or in the general Notes area.

In the general notes area (which is www.facebook.com/notes), you click Write a Note.  This is also where you see the “Notes News Feed”

Write a Facebook note


If you are in your personal Profile of Notes, the Add Note button is what you click.  Either way is fine.  You can also access your Drafts from either place.

Add Note in your Facebook Notes area

When you click either button, a popup box will appear where you start working.

Creating a Facebook Note


Formatting Your Facebook Note

First click on the Title and type the title of your note.  This appears in larger text with every share and at the top of the Page.

Then click the gray area at the top to add a photo.

The first 4 lines of your note are the most important because those are the only ones that appear when shared besides the image and the headline.  So make that opening paragraph interesting.  If you don’t include a cover image on your Note you get an extra line or two of text there but I think the cover image is eye catching and also important.

First paragraph of note

Make the first paragraph of your Note interesting


Make your text more interesting by adding headings (you can add large headings with H1 and smaller headings with H2), numbered lists, bullet lists, or quotes.


Add headings quotes lists Facebook

You can add a photo to the text area by mousing to the left and clicking on the photo icon.

Photo icon

Add a photo by clicking on the photo icon.


When you do that, a popup box appears an you can add a photo from your Facebook photos or upload a new photo.


Adding a photo to a Note


You can also make your text Bold, Italic or add Links in the text by highlight the text you want to make clickable and then selecting Link.

Add links

If you want to Tag a Page, Group or person within the text of your Note, just type the @ symbol and then start typing that name (hint: tag your Page so people can also connect with your business)

Tag people or Pages in a Note

Tag people, Groups or Pages in a Note

You can also limit the visibility of a Facebook Note at the bottom either before or after you Publish the Note.

Limit visibility of a Note

Limit visibility of a Note

And it’s a good idea to follow up with the conversation after you have published your Note.  You can respond to comments, Like comments and tag people in follow up comments.

Follow up with comments on Notes

Follow up with comments on Notes


Limitations of Notes

There are a few limitations that would be nice to overcome.  One is that you can’t embed videos into the Note.  That would be cool.

And the other issue is that you there is no “undo” button.  So if you delete an image, or make a big mistake, you can’t hit the undo button.  Luckily there is a Drafts option so you can save your changes and updates along the way.

Of course there are many other limitations of Notes compared to a regular blog but for a quick and easy publishing platform, Notes have come a long way with this update.


Why Use Facebook Notes?

So maybe I should have addressed this first but should we care about Facebook Notes?  Should we even build content on Facebook?

My thought is probably not a lot of content – that really good content should probably be mostly saved for your own blog.  But there are a few cool ways I see them being useful at the moment:

  1. They are different and eye-catching in the News Feed.  Always a win.
  2. They are indexed in Google – I’ve found many things through Facebook Notes on Google searches.
  3. You can share them to your Page and then Promote that Post.  At this point, they are very unique and eye catching so it’s a good way to get your content seen.
  4. You can have links to your blog/website within the Note.  Again, grabbing people’s attention and then sending them back to your site.

I think there is some interesting new potential with the Notes redesign.  I hope they bring it to Pages as well.

What are your thoughts?  Do you plan on using Facebook Notes now that they have been redesigned? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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