Facebook Posts that Work

Do you know what types of Facebook Posts are working for you right now?  If you want some inspiration (as well as a dose of what not to do) then read on.

I was recently a guest lecturer at Stanford University and presented some examples of the types of posts that are working for brands right now.  The best way to engage your fans is to make sure your post falls into one of 3 categories – the 3 E’s:

  • Entertain:  If your post is either funny or entertaining in some way, it will get shared more.
  • Educate:  When you educate your audience about your niche or provide a helpful tip, your post will perform better.
  • Experience:  If you provide some type of experience – you move your audience emotionally, then your post will get more comments, likes, and shares.

What’s not working?  Promoting yourself too much (you have to do it sometimes) and asking for shares and likes too much.  A call to action can be good from time to time but if every post tells people to click like if they agree, then you are using that technique as a crutch and that gets old fast.

9 Facebook Posts That Work

#1  Oreo

Oreo has been one of my favorite Facebook Pages for a long time because of the creative things they do.  With this post, the have a video with the Oreo under the cup and you guess where it ends up.

While some people in the post seemed to get it right away, most people had to watch the video twice (I did).  This is a great example of entertainment.  Check out the video of the Oreo Cup game for yourself to see if you spot the trick.

Oreo game


#2  Upworthy

Upworthy has the “experience” Facebook post down to a science.  They are continually providing feel-good posts that engage their audience.  But more than that, they are using good copywriting to get you to click by piquing your curiosity.

Notice they don’t tell you why this guy misspelled “father” but they promise you it’s going to be beautiful.  And you see the first comment is that someone cried.

Upworthy facebook posts


#3 Icelandair

In this post, Icelandair is linking to the weather forecast for the northern lights show that day providing a nice educational tip for their fans.  But they take it a step further by asking people to share their photos.  Great way to connect.



#5 7News and TheDenverChannel.com

This post almost didn’t make it into my list because of the “Hit Like if you think this is a nice gesture” comment.  I don’t think this post needs the call to action and I think it muddles the rest of the commentary.

But what I like about this is the custom graphic that was created less than 24 hours after Peyton Manning said this.  It’s a great way to capitalize on a current event and a great shareable photo.

You can see that only 18 minutes after this post came out, it had 184 Likes and 40 Shares.  Plus it’s branded with their information which is relevant to the photo as well.  Nice example of entertainment.



#6 The Home Depot

The Home Depot is another Page I like to watch for great posts.  They are always educating their fans with easy projects and fun ideas.

They use trackable links in their posts so that they can easily measure what posts are getting clicks.  Facebook also gives you this data but you can do a bit more when you track your own links.

Home Depot


#6 HubSpot

HubSpot does a great job with Education.  They are a software company but they are constantly putting out free ebooks that help their audience with subjects that their business audience cares about.  Plus that moves your Facebook fans onto your e-mail list which is something I highly recommend doing, especially with all the Facebook changes.

In this post, the post is a Photo post with the link in the status area so that the post appears larger in the News Feed.  One thing you would have to be cautious about is that because there is so much text on this photo, you would not be able to Boost the post or use it as a Promoted post.



#7 My Four Hens Photography

Photographers do have it a little easier with the beautiful images they can share.  But what I like about this post is the story she tells about her two daughters.  It’s a gorgeous photo but she gives the readers an experience by talking about the story behind the photo.  She gets amazing engagement on her Page.

My Four Hens Photography


#8  Mari Smith

Of course, Mari is the queen of engagement on Facebook, but I wanted to highlight this type of post which many people know about but some don’t.  She provides the opportunity for people to network on her Page.

This works well for her audience because most of them are business owners and looking for the opportunity to network and connect with others.  When you build your Facebook community, your engagement will be better.

Mari Smith


#9  Ciao Pittsburgh

Again, this Ciao Pittsburgh post is another type of experience in that you are invited to share your opinion with the community.  The quick and short question that anyone can answer is a great way to get participation.  Plus it’s coupled with a eye-catching photo.

Ciao Pittsburgh


4 Facebook Posts That Don’t Work

 #1 OxiClean

This post doesn’t work for many reasons.  First – it’s an advertisement.  Second – they have a long and weird link to their YouTube video in the text that forces you away from Facebook to go watch the video.  Why not just have the video in the post itself?  Instead they attach a photo and make you leave Facebook to watch the video.  People don’t want to leave Facebook to go watch an ad.  I’m actually shocked that they got 50 likes on this.



#2 Skoda Jordan

Why do I want to share a picture of your car if I’m excited about the weather?  Enough said.

Share this car


#3  Expedia

While you would think that Expedia has a lot of great material for Facebook posts, but the problem is that they are not answering any complaints on their posts or Timeline.  Their community is actually complaining amongst themselves within the posts.

You want to use Facebook to unite your community but not to provide a place for them to sit around and talk about what a terrible company you are.  You need to be responding and listening to your audience.



#4  Oreo

Ok so I did say I love Oreo earlier but not everyone can hit a home run every time.  In this post they had an ok idea with entertainment but in the execution they gave away the answer.  And so it feels like they didn’t trust their audience to figure it out for themselves.  Let your audience have the experience.

Oreo smart cookie



What do you think?  Any of these that you particularly resonate with or disagree with?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!