Facebook Offer

What is the deal with Facebook Offers?  Who can get them and when should you use them?  Find all the details in my handy tutorial.



Offers are only available for Pages categorized as a Local Business.  I went ahead and re-categorized my Page to be a Local Business and I was able to get the Offers ability right away (it shows up in the Posting section of your Page).

**UPDATE:  Offers are now available for any business with over 400 Fans.  You can use them for deals you have from your website.

Posting a Facebook Offer

Offers are free to use which is nice.  But why should you use an Offer instead of a regular coupon code?  Because when someone claims the offer, it shows up in their News Feed for all their friends to see.  They can be more viral than a coupon codes.

Here’s the example of the Offer I created.  (Psst if you want a copy of this e-book go here:  How to Use Facebook to Get Leads for Your Business)

Facebook Offer


I had 14 people claim this offer but here’s the problem:  you can’t customize the message that goes out when someone claims the offer.  Facebook Offers are better for truly local businesses because the message tells people to print out the message and bring it into your store.   I tried to post messages that if they claimed the offer they could message me for the coupon code but only one person actually did that out of the 13 people who claimed it (I claimed one myself).  Update:  You can have web-only deals now.

And you can’t see the names of the people who claimed it to get a message to them from another avenue.

Facebook Offers e-mail

So my thoughts are that Facebook Offers are worthwhile for Local Businesses.  You may also want to explore Promoting your Post of the Facebook Offer.

What do you think?  Have you used Facebook Offers?  Tell me in the comments below how it worked out for you!