Do you need to change your Facebook Page name?  Have you been having trouble finding the how you go about changing your Facebook Page name or URL?

Well have no fear, I’ll show you how to exactly how to get this accomplished (even if it looks like you can’t get it done).

First there are two places that you can “name” your Page.  One is the name that appears on your Timeline and that shows up next to every post in the News Feed.

Changing Your Page Name

You may have chosen a name without realizing how this was going to appear.  If your Page is new or if you have less than 200 Likes, you can easily edit your Page name by accessing your Basic Information in your Page Dashboard.

Edit Facebook Page


Then you go to your Basic Info and you can easily Edit your name.

Changing Facebook Page name


But if you are re-branding or you just want to tweak your Page name and you have more than 200 Likes you may have the opportunity to make a change 1 time.  I say “may” because this option sometimes doesn’t appear even if you haven’t changed your Page name at some point in the past.

You may see a Request Change link next to your Name as shown here.

Request Facebook Page Name Change


If you don’t see that Request Change link, you are going to have to go to Facebook Help.  Facebook Help is sometimes very difficult to get any response from.  It will be easier to get your name changed if you have a re-brand with a photo of your website or logo to show your rebranding information.

I recommend submitting your request in two places.  The first one is the Help form for Pages here:

Report an issue with Facebook Pages


I find having a screenshot helps to show your new branding so that Facebook can see that you have made a change.

The second place I recommend submitting a request is to Facebook Ads Help.  Hopefully you are using Facebook Ads from time to time to build your Page and you probably don’t want to advertise your Page if the branding isn’t congruent with your website.

The Ads area seems to be a little more responsive to changes when you tell them that you can’t spend any more money with them until your Facebook  Page name is changed (only do this if you are planning on running an ad campaign).  Submit your request here:  (The form below looks a little different since it’s older but is the same idea)

Facebook Ads Help


We did this when we changed our Page and it took about a week to get it done.  But you may need to submit your request a couple of times if you don’t hear back after a week or so.  Hope those suggestions help!  (Please note, I cannot help with Page Name Changes – you must go through Facebook to get your Page name changed)

Changing Your Page URL or Website Address

The other thing you can change (but it sometimes is challenging) is your Facebook Page URL.  Your URL is the easy and short web address (like

If you haven’t set your Username yet, go do that right now – it makes it much easier to tell people about your Page.  But BE CAREFUL – this is more difficult to get changed.  Once you set it, the URL is taken and can’t be “released” even if you delete the Page.

It can’t have any spaces between the letter and I don’t recommend putting things like periods or underscores between the words.  Then when you set it, capitalize the first letter of each word.  Even if someone types in the URL without the capital letters it will still go to the right place.

Facebook Page URL


If you have already set your URL and need to rebrand, you can sometimes request a one-time change as shown  before.

Request Facebook Page Name Change


If you don’t have this capability, you will have to go through the same process as outline above with Facebook Help.  I think the URL is as big a deal as making sure your you branding is consistent in your Facebook Page name.  But if your name has changed drastically, then you should get that corrected.

Have you had to change your Page name in the past?  How has it gone for you?  Let me know in the comments (remember I can’t help with actual Facebook Changes, you will need to go to Facebook directly for that.