How to Connect Instagram to Your Facebook Page

Would you like to link your Instagram account to your Facebook Page? There are several ways you can accomplish this connection and we’ll go through each one in this article.

Posting from Instagram to your Facebook Page Timeline

On Instagram, sharing your posts with your Facebook Page rather than your personal profile is a matter of changing your settings. By default, Instagram shares images with your personal profile when you connect Facebook to your Instagram account.

Your first step is to go to Instagram account on your phone and select the profile icon in the lower right corner.  Then select the 3 dots in the upper right corner to get to the Settings area.

Instagram profile

Then from there, scroll down to the Linked Accounts section.

Instagram Settings

Then you will see your social accounts that you have linked.  Select Facebook.

Linked Accounts in Instagram

Once you have initially connected Facebook to Instagram, you’ll be able to select either your personal profile or any Page that you are an Admin of as the place you want your Instagram pictures to go when you select Facebook.

Switch Instagram to share to Page

Now whenever you take a picture and select Facebook, it will go to your Page instead.

Share to Facebook

The one problem with this method is that if you only want SOME pictures to go to your Page and some to go to your personal profile, you have to toggle back and forth every time.


Posting Only Select Photos to your Facebook Page

Another method is to set up an IFTTT recipe that will only share an Instagram picture to your Page when you do something special like have a particular hashtag in the post.

The benefit of this is that the post goes out on your Timeline so it is seen by more people, and you can then select which exact pictures you want to send to your Page from Instagram.

Of course, you can also just look at posting the picture to your Page separately, but a little automation sometimes is not a bad thing.

I have a recipe set up where if I use the hashtag #FBalbum in my Instagram post, then it goes to my Facebook Page.

IFTTT Recipe

Adding an Instagram Tab to your Facebook Page

Another thing you can do is to add an Instagram Tab to your Facebook Page.

This basically brings your Instagram feed into your tab but the images do not go out on your Timeline.  So while it’s a great way to enhance your Page, it’s not going to be quite as visible as the other two methods of connecting your accounts shown previously.

Instagram Tab app

And if you want to see all of this demonstrated, you can watch my video here:


Hot Tip – How to Connect Instagram to Your Facebook Page

Would you like to link your Instagram account to your Facebook Page? There are several ways you can accomplish this – watch this video to see the possibilities! Read this article for more ways to cross-promote your social profiles: – Andrea

Posted by Social Media Examiner on Tuesday, June 9, 2015