How to Create a Custom URL for Your Facebook Group

Facebook Groups

Are you using Facebook Groups?  If you want to let people know about your group easily, you’ll want to create a custom URL.

We’ve been creating custom URLs for Pages but did you know you can also do it for your Group?  It’s easy peasy.

Watch my short tutorial on where to find it and to see how it works:

All you need to do is go up to the little wheel and click Edit Group.  Note:  You will only have this option if you are and Admin of the Group.  Regular members cannot Edit the Group.

Facebook Groups Settings

Then you set up the Group e-mail address.

Facebook Group email


Name your Group e-mail address and this will also be your Group Custom URL.  So in this case, the custom url would be  If you use uppercase letters and people type the lowercase letters it will still go to the same place – capitalization doesn’t matter.


Facebook Group Custom URL


Hope that helps and make sure you connect with me on my Facebook Page:  Love ya!

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