by Scott Ayres

Facebook time management

What’s the number 1 thing Facebook Page owners struggle with?

Time management.

You’re busy running your business, keeping up with your kids, etc. (Plus looking at cat memes!!)

Sometimes the last thing you have time for is your Facebook page.

Do You Have Just 5 Minutes a Day?

Let’s say you’re a small business running a single Facebook page for your business.

You don’t have a lot of time to deal with your Facebook page, right?

With the plan below, you need just 5 minutes per day, 6 days a week (no Sundays required) to become an amazing Facebook Page Owner.

Monday: Schedule 1 post per day using Post Planner

Trying to figure out what to post on your Facebook page can be hard.

What I see happen on most new pages is they post consistently for a few weeks and then fade away.

The easiest thing to do is use the many available resources inside the Post Planner app to plan out your week.

You can grab a quick status idea from the “Status Ideas Engine” or look for some resources to share in the “Content Source Engine”.

As you’ll see in the video below in 5 minutes I can schedule an entire week’s worth of posts for a page and then move on with my day and week.

Test different times each day to see when you get the best engagement. I would recommend a minimum of one post per day at varying times of day.

My opinion is that there isn’t a “magic” time that works for all pages — so you will need to figure out what’s best for your audience.

There also isn’t a set maximum amount of posts to make per day — even if you hear other Facebook “experts” tell you there is!

Tuesday-Friday: Reply to Comments, Posts and Messages

You’d be surprised how often I run across pages that don’t reply to comments, posts or messages.

It’s one of the top 7 questions I asked to find out if you are a Crappy Fan Page Admin.

Take 5 minutes each morning before you do anything else and check your page for any engagement you need to reply to. Reply to EVERY comment, post or message by using the person’s first name — even if the comment was negative.

You’ll be impressed by how this changes the demeanor of your fans.

Saturday: Check your Insights

I’ll be honest — I hate numbers and stats.

I’m not a numbers guy and I tend to nod off when people start talking numbers. ZZZzzzzzzzzz……

But I know that you can’t determine if you’re a success or failure at something if you don’t measure your results.

I’m personally trying to lose weight and if I don’t at least hop on a scale once in a while I won’t know if my efforts at the gym are working or not.

Running your Facebook page and viewing your insights is the same.

Facebook now offers some very simple insights that make it a breeze to measure your page. Go to your page, open up your insights and see what kind of engagement your posts got.

Take note of the times and days when your posts are getting the most engagement. Then jot it down on a post-it so you can refer to it on Monday when you plan out your posts.

Better yet, since you are planning all of your posts via the Post Planner app (or should be) — you can head to your Insights in Post Planner and see the posting times and days, and the Like Rate, Comment Rate and Click Rate for all your posts!

Right inside the app!!

It even lets you filter by the different post types. Let me show you how easy this is to do in this video below:

By knowing where you’ve been you’ll have a clearer picture as to where you need to go.

The advantage of viewing Insights inside the Post Planner app versus Insights on Facebook is you can see all your pages in one place inside Post Planner.

*Due note that the only insights that will show inside the Post Planner apps are for posts you made via the app itself.


As you can see — by spending just 5 minutes a day on Facebook you can easily crush it with your Facebook page!

And you crushing it is my ultimate goal.

About the Author:

Scott’s just a guy who became addicted to social media before even MySpace (the first time around!). He’s a horrible “internet marketer” as he’s more concerned about teaching than turning a quick buck. Any given day he spends probably 20+ hours on Facebook! He’s been married for nearly 20 years and has 3 kiddos that are his world!  Connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.