How to Maximize Facebook for Local Business

This was part of a series of webinars I am doing for the Business Lunch Series at the Vernon Area Public Library.

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Lots of great information in this hour-long webinar and we had some great Q&A at the end.

Some of the highlights we discussed were:

  • How to tell the difference between a Place and a Page and a Place Merged with a Page.
  • How to access Facebook Deals
  • How to use Facebook Ads and target locally
  • How to connect with other local pages and increase your Facebook reach

That last tip is too good not to share here!  One strategy to increase your local exposure on Facebook is to Like other Local Pages as your Page, and then comment on their posts.  Now all of their audience is potentially seeing your comment and has the opportunity to Like your Page.







You can also find other Local Pages by looking at the Pages that are Liked by a Page and connect with their Page.  Did you follow that? 🙂  Here’s a screen shot:











Finally, if you liked this information, and are looking for ways to use Facebook to get leads for your business, take a look at my new product:  How to Use Facebook To Get Leads for Your Business!

  • Chris Agro

    Andrea great webinar from Vernon, Some great tips on facebook.

  • Andrea,

    probably one of the few Facebook seminars that actually makes sense and gives great, practical advice.

  • Annette

    I listened to the whole thing and enjoyed most of it, but much of the information was outdated. You can no longer see others who “like” a business page. 

  • Lots of changes from Wednesday with the new Timeline.  I just did this webinar last week, Annette and I can still see other Pages that have Liked a Page unless they have already switched to the new Timeline.  That will change things.  

  • Thanks Mark!

  • saritlotem

    Great tips. Thank you.