Split testing your Facebook ads is an important part of running a successful ad campaign.  What is split testing?  Split testing or A/B testing is changing one thing about your ad while keeping all the other variables the same and testing to see which ad performs better.

How do you split test and how do you analyze the numbers?  Here are some best practices for split testing:

  • Only change one thing at a time.  Your main variables are the title, the picture, the copy and the targeting.
  • Run the ad under similar conditions if possible.  Same time of the day, same bid (although bid prices vary), same length of time, etc.
  • Dig deep into the reports.  It may look like one ad did better but check the conversions.
  • Always create a new ad, don’t try and tweak one that didn’t perform well.  Facebook makes it easy to click on “Create a Similar Ad” so you preserve your settings.

Watch the video to see how to dig into the reports.