Why Facebook Has Ruined Automation

I’m really irritated this time. I use Networked Blogs to automatically pull in my blog posts and if you are doing the same, your post may not be seen. Facebook has ruined automation.

Facebook collapses the posts brought in by 3rd party applications such as Networked Blogs and Twitter so that they are hidden in the News Feed.  Currently, it looks like posts from HootSuite and TweetDeck are still showing up as single posts but other posts such as TwitterFeed, FourSquare, Instagram all may be collapsed in people’s News Feed.


If you don’t click on the little link (that most people will miss) you will not see the other Networked Blog posts.  So the best thing to do to get your post seen is to post it manually. Curse you Facebook.  Watch the video to see how to change your Networked Blogs settings.

Grandma Mary

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